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Cleaning And Care; Interior, Accessories, External Walls, Appliance Door - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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Do not let water get into the
electronic unit or the appliance
Do not use a steam cleaning
apparatus to clean the appliance.
The steam could reach the electrical
components and cause a short
The data plate located inside the
appliance must not be removed. It
contains information which is
required in the event of a service call.
To avoid damaging the outer
surfaces of your appliance, do not
– Cleaning agents containing soda,
ammonia, acids or chlorides
– Cleaning agents containing
descaling agents
– Abrasive cleaning agents, e.g.
powder cleaners and cream cleaners
– Solvent-based cleaning agents
– Stainless steel cleaners
– Dishwasher cleaner
– Oven sprays
– Glass cleaners (except when used
on the glass in the appliance door)
– Hard, abrasive sponges and
brushes, e.g. pot scourers
– Dirt erasers
– Sharp metal scrapers

Cleaning and care

Before cleaning
^ Switch off the appliance.
^ Disconnect the appliance from the
mains. Switch off at the wall and
withdraw the plug from the socket, or
disconnect the mains fuse.
^ Take any wine bottles out of the
appliance and store them in a cool
^ Remove the magnetic strips before
cleaning the wooden shelves (see
"Labelling the shelves").
^ Take out any removable parts, e.g.
shelves, for cleaning.
Interior, accessories, external
walls, appliance door
^ Clean the appliance at least once a
Clean any soiling immediately. Do
not allow it to dry first.
^ Clean the interior using lukewarm
water and a little washing-up liquid
applied with a soft sponge.
^ Clean all wooden parts with a slightly
damp cloth, making sure the wood
does not get wet.
^ After cleaning, wipe interior and
accessories with a damp cloth and
dry with a soft cloth. Leave the door
open to air the appliance for a short



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