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Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions page 45

Wine conditioning unit
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Other problems
An alarm doesn't
sound even though
the appliance door
has been left open
for a long time.
You cannot switch
the appliance off.
The slats on the
wooden shelves
have distorted.
Mildew has begun
to form on the wine
bottle labels.
Possible cause
This is not a fault. The audible
alarm has been switched off in
the settings mode (see
"Selecting further settings -
Audible tones").
The system lock is activated
and the 0 symbol is
illuminated in the display.
A change in volume due to the
absorption or loss of moisture
is a typical characteristic of
wood. An increase in humidity
in the appliance causes
wooden components to swell.
This can cause wooden
components to distort, thus
resulting in cracking.
Knotholes and grains in wood
are part of the characteristics
of a piece of wood.
Mildew can begin to form on
the labels, depending on the
type of adhesive used.
Problem solving guide
^ Switch off the system
lock (see "Selecting
further settings -
Switching the system
lock on/off").
^ Remove all of the
mildew. Wash the wine
bottles and remove any
adhesive residue.



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