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Air Filtering With Active Charcoal Filters - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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Temperature and air quality
Switching off DynaCool
Because DynaCool increases energy
consumption and causes the appliance
to be louder, you may want to switch if
off from time to time.
^ Touch the DynaCool sensor so that it
is no longer highlighted in yellow.
Air filtering with active charcoal
The active charcoal filters provide a
high quality of air by effectively filtering
the air entering and leaving the
Fresh air enters the appliance after first
being filtered by the active charcoal
The air is then evenly distributed
throughout the appliance interior by the
fans (DynaCool function).
The filtering process via the active
charcoal filters ensures that only fresh,
dust-free and odourless air can enter
the appliance.
This helps to prevent the transfer of
possible odours to the wines which can
happen via the corks.
The active charcoal filters need to be
replaced when the prompt — appears
in the display (see "Active charcoal



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