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Changing The Door Hinging - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Changing the door hinging

The appliance is supplied with
right-hand door hinging. If left-hand
door hinging is required, the hinging
must be changed.
To change the door hinging, you will
need the following tools:
Two people are needed to change
the door hinging. The glass door is
heavy (approx. 30 kg) and may
break if not handled correctly.
To protect the appliance door and your
flooring from damage while changing
the door hinging,
^ spread out a suitable underlay in
front of the appliance.
Take care not to damage the door
If the door seal becomes damaged,
the door will no longer close
properly and cooling will be
Removing the appliance door
^ Open the appliance door as far as it
will go.
^ Carefully lift off the cover a at the
base of the appliance with a
flat-bladed screwdriver.
^ Fit the retaining clip b (supplied with
the appliance) onto the SoftClose
mechanism c.
The retaining clip stops the hinge from
snapping shut. Do not remove the clip
until told to do so.
^ Push the hinge pin d up and out
from underneath.
The SoftClose mechanism is now no
longer fixed to the appliance.



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