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Moving The Wooden Shelves; Adjusting The Wooden Shelves - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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Moving the wooden shelves

The wooden shelves can be removed if
^ Pull out the wooden shelf on its rails
until it stops, then lift it up and out.
Hold the frame of the shelf when
doing this.
If you need more room (e.g. to set up
the bottle presenter):
^ Cover the exposed shelf runners on
either side with the covers supplied.
The thicker side of the cover faces
towards the front of the appliance.
The covers are held in place with
^ To replace the shelf, click it into
place on the extended rails. The
magnetic strip should face forwards.
Storing wine bottles

Adjusting the wooden shelves

The space between the individual slats
on the shelves can be adjusted
according to the size of the wine bottles
being stored. This enables each bottle
to be positioned securely.
^ Move or remove individual slats by
simply lifting them up and out of the
shelf. In this way the wooden shelves
can be tailored to different sizes of
wine bottles.



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