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Floor; Aligning The Appliance; Supporting The Appliance Door; Door Angle Limiting Pin - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

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To ensure the safe installation of the
appliance and to guarantee its correct
functioning, the floor in the niche where
the appliance is to be installed must be
smooth and even.
The floor must also be made from
strong, rigid material.
The appliance is extremely heavy when
fully loaded, and for this reason it is
imperative that the floor it stands on is
able to bear its weight. If necessary, the
advice of an architect or structural
engineer should be sought.
The weight of the appliance when
empty is approx. 120 kg.
When fully loaded, the approx. weight
of the appliance is 350 kg.

Aligning the appliance

^ Align the front feet using the flat
spanner supplied with the appliance.

Supporting the appliance door

^ It is important to unscrew the foot on
the lower hinge until it touches the
floor. Then unscrew it another quarter
of a turn.

Door angle limiting pin

The pin is used to limit the opening
angle of the door to 90°. This prevents,
for instance, the door being opened
against an adjacent wall and damaging
the door and/or the wall.
These pins are available to order
from Miele.



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