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Labelling The Shelves; Bottle Presenter - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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Storing wine bottles

Labelling the shelves

To give yourself an overview of the
wines you are storing, you can write on
the magnetic strip on the front of the
wooden shelves.
This strip is coated with blackboard
paint and can be written on with the
chalk supplied. To make it easier to
write on the magnetic strip, first remove
it from the wooden shelf:
^ Grip the magnetic strip on each end
and pull it towards you. The magnetic
strips are held in place by magnets
on the shelves.
^ Record the wines you are storing by
writing on the magnetic strips with
the chalk supplied and reaffixing
them to the wooden shelves.
^ Any unwanted writing can be easily
removed from the magnetic strip with
a damp cloth.
Only use clean water to clean the
magnetic strips. Do not use cleaning
agents as these will damage the
blackboard paint.

Bottle presenter

The bottle presenter enables you to
display selected wines so that the label
can be seen even when the door is
The above-lying wooden shelf must be
removed before the bottle presenter
can be set up.
^ Remove the shelf and place the
covers provided over the shelf
^ Place the bottle presenter at the very
front of the wooden shelf and place
the wine bottle on it.
^ To highlight the selected wine bottle,
you can switch on the display lighting
(see "Display lighting").



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