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How To Save Energy - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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Normal energy consumption Increased energy
In a ventilated room.
Protected from direct sunlight. In direct sunlight.
Not situated near a heat
source (radiator, oven).
Where the ideal ambient room
temperature is approx. 20 °C.
Where the cross-section of the
air inlet and outlet is not
covered and kept free of dust.
The compressor and the
metal grille (heat condenser)
on the rear wall of the
appliance must be dusted at
least once a year.
10 to 12 °C
Arrange the wooden shelves
in the same configuration as
when the wine conditioner
was delivered.
Only open the doors when
necessary and for as short a
time as possible.
Sort the wine bottles in an
organised way.
Do not overfill the appliance to
allow air to circulate.

How to save energy

In an enclosed, unventilated
Situated near a heat source
(radiator, oven).
Where the room temperature
is high.
Where the cross-section of the
air inlet and outlet is covered
and not cleaned at regular
Dust deposits on the
compressor and metal grille
(heat condenser) increase
energy consumption.
The lower or higher the
temperature setting in the
wine conditioner, the higher
the energy consumption.
Frequent opening of the doors
for long periods will cause a
loss of coldness. The
appliance will try to cool down
and the running time of the
compressor will increase.



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