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Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions page 14

Wine conditioning unit
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Warning and Safety instructions
Correct use
The appliance is designed for use within certain climate ranges
(ambient temperatures), and should not be used outside this range.
The climate range of the appliance is stated on the data plate inside
the appliance. Installing the appliance in a room with too low an
ambient temperature, e.g. a garage, can lead to the appliance
switching off for longer periods so that it cannot maintain the
required temperature.
To ensure proper air flow in and out of the appliance, the air vents
in the appliance or in the built in structure must not be covered or
blocked in any way.
It would also increase the electricity consumption and could cause
damage to the appliance.
Make sure that any oil, or foods containing oil, do not come into
contact with plastic components as this could cause stress cracks.
Do not store explosive materials in the appliance or any products
containing propellants (e.g. spray cans). Flammable gases can
ignite if they come into contact with electrical components.
Danger of fire and explosion!
Do not operate any electrical equipment (e.g. an electric
ice-cream maker) inside the appliance. Danger of sparking and
If storing alcohol with a high percentage proof, make sure it is
tightly closed and stored upright. Danger of explosion!
Use only Miele Original spare parts. If spare parts or accessories
from other manufacturers are used, the warranty will be invalidated,
and Miele cannot accept liability.
Do not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the
defrosting process, other than those recommended by the



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