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Information For Miele Galleries And Chartered Agents; Demo Mode R - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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Information for Miele Galleries and Chartered Agents

Demo mode r

The appliance can be displayed in the
demo mode. This means the operation
of the appliance and the interior lighting
will remain functional, but the appliance
will not provide refrigeration because
the compressor does not switch on.
Switching on the demo mode
^ Switch off the appliance by touching
the On/Off sensor.
The sensor lights in the control panel
for the 3 temperature zones will go out.
The temperature display will go out and
the mains connection symbol t will
^ Place your finger on the X sensor
and leave it there.
^ At the same time, briefly touch the
On/Off sensor (without letting go of
the X sensor).
^ Leave your finger on the X sensor
until the r symbol appears in the
^ Then take your finger off the X
The demo mode is now switched on
and the r symbol is illuminated in the
Switching off the demo mode
The r symbol is illuminated in the
^ Touch the settings sensor.
All selectable symbols will appear in
the display and the 0 symbol will flash.
^ Touch the sensors for setting the
temperature (X or Y) repeatedly until
the r symbol flashes in the display.
^ Touch the OK sensor to confirm your
1 flashes in the display (demo mode is
active) and the r symbol lights up.



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