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Switching On And Off; Before Using For The First Time; Protective Foil; Cleaning And Care - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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Switching on and off

Before using for the first time

Protective foil

The stainless steel surfaces have a
layer of protective foil to prevent
scratching during transportation.
^ Remove the protective foil only after
the appliance has been installed in
its intended location. Start by peeling
back the protective foil from one of
the top corners.

Cleaning and care

^ Immediately after removing the
protective foil, apply the Original
Miele Care product for stainless
Important! Each time the Original
Miele Care product for stainless
steel is used, it forms a protective
film against dirt and water.
^ Clean the inside of the appliance and
the accessories with lukewarm water,
and then dry with a soft cloth.


A light touch of the finger on the
sensors is all that is required to operate
this appliance.
A keypad tone will sound each time a
sensor is touched. The keypad tone
can be switched off (see "Selecting
further settings - Audible tones").

Switching the appliance on

As soon as the appliance is connected
to the electricity supply, the mains
connection symbol t appears in the
^ Touch the On/Off button.
The mains connection symbol t goes
out when the appliance starts cooling.
The sensors in the control panel for the
3 temperature zones appear: the
upper, middle and lower wine
conditioning zones. The selected wine
conditioning zone is highlighted in
yellow and the temperature for this
zone appears in the display.
As soon as the selected temperature is
reached for this zone, the respective
sensor lights up constantly. The alarm
symbol ; goes out once the selected
temperatures in all zones have been
The interior lighting comes on when the
door is open.



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