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Noises - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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Normal noises
Brrrrr ...
Blubb, blubb ...
Click ...
Sssrrrrr ...
Crack ...
Remember that the noise of the compressor and the coolant circulating in the
system is unavoidable.
Noises that you
can easily rectify
What causes them
A humming noise is made by the motor (compressor). This
noise can get louder for brief periods when the motor
switches on.
A gurgling noise can be heard when coolant is circulating
through the pipes.
Clicking sounds are made when the thermostat switches the
motor on and off.
On multi-zone and frost-free appliances you can sometimes
just hear the movement of the fan inside the appliance.
On appliances with a water tank a buzzing sound can be
heard when water is being pumped out of the water tank.
A cracking sound can be heard when materials expand
inside the appliance.
Possible cause
The appliance is uneven.
The appliance is touching
another appliance or piece of
Drawers, baskets or shelves
are unstable or sticking.
Are any bottles or containers
unstable or knocking against
each other?
The transport cable clips are
hanging loose at the back of
the appliance.
Realign the appliance using a
spirit level, by raising or
lowering the screw feet
underneath the appliance.
Move it away.
Check all removable items
and refit them correctly.
Separate them.
Remove the cable clips.



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