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Setting The Temperature - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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Temperature and air quality
Safety measures in the case of low
ambient temperatures
To protect wine from low temperatures,
a safety thermostat ensures that the
temperature in the appliance cannot fall
dramatically. If the ambient temperature
drops, a heater in the appliance
switches on and holds the temperature
within the appliance constant. If the
ambient temperature continues to drop,
the appliance will automatically switch
itself off.
Isolator plates for thermal separation
The appliance has two fixed isolator
plates which divide the cabinet into
three different temperature zones. This
means that up to 3 different types of
wine can be stored in the conditioning
unit at the same time, e.g. red wine,
white wine and champagne.
The insulation strips on the inside of the
glass door prevent a temperature
exchange between the individual

Setting the temperature

You can set a different temperature for
each of the 3 wine conditioning zones.
^ Touch the sensor for the zone in
which you wish to change the
temperature. It will be highlighted in
The currently selected temperature for
the zone will appear in the display.
^ Set the temperature using the 2
sensors underneath the display.
By touching the respective sensor:
– The temperature will decrease
– The temperature will increase
^ Touch the OK sensor to confirm your
^ wait approx. 5 seconds after the last
sensor was touched.



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