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Air Quality And Humidity; Dynacool (Constant Humidity) M - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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Temperature and air quality

Air quality and humidity

A conventional refrigerator, with its low
humidity level, is not the best place to
store wine. It is very important to store
wine in an atmosphere with a high
humidity level so that the corks remain
moist on the outside. Low humidity
causes corks to dry out from the
outside, and therefore they do not seal
the bottles as tightly. Wine should be
stored lying down to keep the corks
moist from the inside too. Any air
entering the bottle will inevitably spoil
the wine.
Do not attempt to add moisture to
the appliance by placing a bowl of
water in it, for example.
This will cause the humidity level to
increase and condensation will form
in the appliance interior.
Condensation can, in turn, cause
damage to the appliance, e.g.

DynaCool (constant humidity) m

The DynaCool function increases the
relative humidity in the entire appliance.
Humidity and temperatures in the
different zones are evenly distributed
so that all your wines are stored under
the same, ideal conditions.
This enables a climate to be created
inside the appliance that corresponds
to that of a wine cellar.
Switching on DynaCool
If you wish to use your wine
conditioning unit for the long-term
storage of wine, it is recommended to
leave the DynaCool function switched
^ Touch the DynaCool sensor so that it
is highlighted in yellow.
Even if you have not switched on
DynaCool, the appliance
automatically switches on the fans
when the cooling switches on.
This ensures that the optimum
climate for your wine is maintained.
The fans switch off automatically
whilst the door is open.



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