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Storing Wine Bottles; Wooden Shelves - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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Storing wine bottles

Vibrations and being moved have a
negative effect on the maturing process
of wine, and thus can be detrimental to
the taste of the wine.
As far as possible, store bottles of the
same type of wine beside each other
on the same shelf. Removing a bottle of
one type will then leave the other types
undisturbed and will avoid the need to
move different bottles around.
Furthermore, avoid stacking wine
bottles on top of each other on the

wooden shelves.

Wine bottles should ideally be stored
on their side so that the corks remain
moist on the inside and air cannot
penetrate the bottles.
Wooden shelves
The wooden shelves on runners can be
pulled out quite far so that bottles can
be easily placed on the shelves or
In the middle and lower wine
conditioning zones there are 2 wooden
shelves (2nd and 3rd shelves from the
top) which can be completely pulled
out. These make for convenient loading
and unloading. The remaining wooden
shelves can be partially pulled out.
Please note that the shelves which
can be partially pulled out are shorter
than those that can be completely
pulled out. Therefore, do not
exchange the position of the shorter
shelves with that of the longer



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