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Avoid Service Checklist - Kenmore C970-495022 Use & Care Manual

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Before you call for service - read this
You may save the cost and inconvenience of an unnecessary service call by first reviewing this easy to use Avoid-Service
Check List of the most frequently encountered situations that are not the result of defective workmanship of materials.
You will be charged for a service call while the appliance is in warranty if the problem is not caused by defective product
workmanship or materials.
Your new appliance is a carefully engineered product. Many times, what appears to be a reason to call for service requires
nothing more than a simple adjustment you can easily make in your own home or is normal operating characteristic of appli-
ance under certain conditions.
This list is applicable to a variety of models; some of the items will not necessarily apply to your appliance.
Range is not level.
Entire range does not operate.
Oven does not operate.

Avoid Service Checklist

Poor installation. See the suggested levelling instruction in the "General Information"
section of this manual. When oven is level, cooktop may not appear to be level with
countertop if the latter is not level.
Be sure floor is level and can adequately support range. Contact carpenter to correct
sagging or sloping floor.
Kitchen cabinets misalignment may make range appear to be unlevel. Be sure cabi-
nets are square and have sufficient room for range clearance (1.3 cm (1/2") each
House fuse has blown or circuit breaker has tripped. Check and/or replace fuse or re-
set circuit breaker.
Cord/plug not plugged into wall outlet. Make sure cord plug is plugged tightly into
outlet (Canada only).
Power outage. Check house lights to be sure.
No power to range. See steps "Entire range does not operate" above.
Oven selector control knob (some models) set between two positions. Turn selector
control knob to BAKE or BROIL, etc. and make sure surface signal lights turn on.
Make sure the oven temperature control knob is set to the desired temperature.
Oven control beeps and displays -F1-, -F3- or -F9-. Electronic control has detected a
fault condition. Push the CANCEL pad to clear the display and stop the beeping. Re-
program the oven. If fault recurs, record the fault number push the CANCEL pad and
contact an authorized servicer.
Oven timer set on "time bake" function. Cancel the time bake funtion.


Table of Contents

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