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Quick Bake Cooking System - Kenmore C970-495022 Use & Care Manual

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Quick Bake Cooking System

Benefits of Quick Bake Cooking System:
- Foods cook up to 30% faster, saving time and energy.
- Two racks can be used with more even cooking and browning.
- No special pans or bakeware needed.
To Set Quick Bake Cooking System:
1. Program the oven as you normally would for baking. Quick Bake may be used with Bake, Time Bake and Delayed Time Bake
2. Push and releases Quick Bake switch. The indicator light will glow and the fan will come on. The fan stays on when oven door
is closed and shuts off while the oven door is opened. The fan will continue to operate until baking is complete.
3. When using Quick Bake feature along with the Delayed Timed Bake mode, the fan will begin to operate when the control is
set. The oven elements will not begin to operate until the Delayed Start Time is reached. This operation is normal.
4. To cancel Quick Bake function, push CANCEL on the oven control as you would to cancel any baking function.
Note: Quick Bake mode will not work during a clean cycle.
(some models)
Quick Bake Cooking System uses a fan to circulate the
oven's heat uniformly and continuously around the oven. This
improved heat distribution allows for fast, even cooking and
browning results. It also gives better baking results when using
two racks at the same time.
Heated air flows around the food from all sides, sealing in
juices and flavors. Meats cooked with Quick Bake Cooking
System are juicer. Poultry is crisp on the outside while staying
tender and moist on the inside. Breads and pastry brown more
evenly. Most foods baked in a standard oven can be cooked
faster and more evenly with Quick Bake Cooking System.
General Cooking Instructions:
1. To convert baking times from normal recipes to Quick Bake times, start with a 30%
reduction in time and increase the time until desired doneness is obtained. Time
reductions will vary depending on the amount and type of food.
2. Preheating is not necessary when cooking with Quick Bake, except with items such as
cakes, cookies, biscuits, breads, etc.
3. When using two racks at the same time, place them in positions 1 and 3 for the best
4. When baking cakes with Quick Bake, set temperature 25°F (13°C) degrees lower than
the recommended setting for best results.
Recommended Foods for
Quick Bake Cooking System
Food Item
Frozen Foods
Refrigerator Cookies or Biscuits
Baked potatoes
Decrease Cook Time by:
15% (or 5 mins/pound)
30% (or 10 mins/pound)
25% (or 2 to 5 min.)
25% (or 5 min.)
Pilot light
Quick Bake Switch


Table of Contents