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Kenmore C970-495022 Use & Care Manual page 17

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Table of Contents
Ceramic Glass Cooktop
Use and Care of Glass Surface
Cleaning Materials for Ceramic Glass Cooktop
Some cleaning materials may contain an ingredient which can damage the cooktop. Use recommended materials only (see
below). Cleaner creme should be used regularly. First use recommended products listed below, then use cleaner creme.
Use only recommended cleaning products and follow these basic cleaning suggestions.
1. BEFORE THE COOKTOP IS USED. Thoroughly clean and saturate the cooktop with cleaner creme.
a) Dampen clean paper towel and clean unit.
b) Wipe off with another clean, damp paper towel; then wipe dry.
2. For normal daily cleaning, apply a dab of cleaner creme in the center of each unit-area to be cleaned. Start with approxi-
mately 1/8 teaspoon. (Apply more if needed). Then, proceed as stated above in (a and b).
3. Make sure bottom of cookware and cooking area are clean and dry.
4. Select heat settings and cookware large enough for food and liquid. This stops boilovers and spatterings.
5. Wipe up food spills and spatters before they burn into surface.
IMPORTANT Regularly use cleaner creme. If you run out of cleaner creme, use one of the cleansers listed.
Be sure to get a new supply of cleaner creme.
Never mix cleaning products! Mixtures may interact, with damaging or hazardous results.
Do Use on Ceramic Glass Cooktop
1. Baking soda.
2. Non-impregnated plastic and nylon pads.
3. For burned on material, scrape with single-edged razor blade, held at a 30° angle.
4. Ceramic glass cleaning cream.
DO NOT Use on Ceramic Glass Cooktop
1. Avoid pads, that can leave marks and scratches.
2. Avoid heavy-duty cleansing powders, these can scratch, depending on their abrasiveness and cleaning pressure applied.
3. Avoid chemical oven cleaners. These can etch the cooktop surface and are caustic.
4. Avoid rust stain removers containing hydro-fluoric acid.
5. Avoid using bleach and don't use ammonia.
Special Cleaning Instructions for Mineral Deposits and Discolorations
Problem: A gray brown stain that is not removed when using cleaner creme.
Cause: Condensation, when cooking, often collects and drips from cookware. The minerals found in water supply and foods
may cause a gray or brown film to develop on cooktop. This film is so thin it cannot be felt and appears to be under cooktop.
To Prevent: Daily and proper use of cleaner creme.
To Remove:
– Wet surface with water and sprinkle on cleaner creme.
– Scrub with clean, damp paper towel until stain disappears.
– Clean remaining paste away with damp paper towel.
– Apply dab of cleaner creme and polish with a clean paper towel.
– Do not use cleansers on a heated surface. Fumes could be hazardous. Wait for area to cool before cleaning.
– Do not use cleaner creme to clean porcelain, paint or aluminium.
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Table of Contents