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Kenmore C970-495022 Use & Care Manual page 26

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Avoid Service Checklist
Surface elements do not heat.
Oven light does not work.
Control panel light does not oper-
ate (some models).
Surface elements too hot or too
Liquids boil at LOW setting of sur-
face units.
Scratches or abrasions on cooktop
NOTE: Clean sugary food spills on the heating surfaces as soon as possible, as these can cause cratering of these
surfaces when hot.
No power to range. Check steps "Entire range does not operate" above.
Control knobs set too low. At very low heat settings of the control knobs, the surface
signal light may come on; however, surface unit does not operate. Turn the control
knob to a slightly higher setting until the elements start heating.
Coil elements not seated properly in terminals. Turn temperature control knobs to OFF.
Pull out and lift up coil elements. Straighten terminals on end of coil element if neces-
sary. Replace elements properly into the element block.
Incorrect surface control knob turned on. Make sure the correct surface control is on
for the surface unit to be used.
The automatic lock off of the surface element is on (models with self-cleaning oven
only). During the self-clean cycle, the surface elements, when used, are subjected to
high heat. To ensure maximun element life, a safeguard locks off the use of the sur-
face element during the self clean cycle. Once the oven cleaning cycle is complete and
the oven door can be opened, the surface elements can be utilized. Cancel the self
clean cycle.
Burned-out light bulb. See "Oven Lamp" in the "General Information" section.
Lamp loose in sockets or burned-out. See Fluorescent Lamp in General Information sec-
Raise or lower setting until proper amount of heat is obtained.
Use only flat bottom, evenly balanced, medium or heavy-weight cookware. Pans hav-
ing a flat bottom heat better than warped pans. Cookware material affects heating.
Heavy and medium weight pans heat evenly. Because light-weight pans heat unevenly,
foods may burn easily.
Incorrect setting of the control knob. Turn control knob to a lower setting.
Cooking on right rear element. When the oven is operating, heated air escapes
through the oven vent located directly under the right rear end coil element or little be-
hind it. This will increase the heat input.
See "Ceramic Glass Cooktop" section in "General Information" section.


Table of Contents