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To Remove And Replace The Oven Door - Kenmore C970-495022 Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
Cleaning the Appliance
AUTOMATIC LOCK OFF OF THE SURFACE ELEMENTS (30" models with a self-cleaning oven only)
During the self-clean cycle, the surface elements, when used, are subject to high heat. To ensure maximum el-
ement life, a safeguard locks off use of the surface elements during the self-clean cycle. On the other hand,
the indicator lights and the warmer zone will remain functional when the control knobs are turned. Once the
oven cleaning cycle is complete and the oven door can be opened, the surface elements can be utilized.
What to Expect During Cleaning
While the oven is in operation, the oven heats to temperatures much higher than those used in normal cooking. Sounds of
metal expansion and contraction are normal. Odor is also normal as the food soil is being removed. Smoke may appear
through the oven vent, located on the top of the control panel.
If heavy spillovers are not wiped up before cleaning, they may flame and cause more smoke and odor than usual. This is nor-
mal and safe and should not cause alarm. If available, use an exhaust fan during the self-cleaning cycle.
NOTE: A smoke eliminator in the oven vent converts most of the soil into a colourless vapor.
Setting the Controls for a Clean Cycle
For the setting of the clean cycle, refer to the section on the timer or Electronic oven control.

To Remove and Replace the Oven Door

1. Open the door fully.
2. Pull up the lock located on both hinge supports and engage them in the hook of the hinge levers. You may have to apply
a little downward pressure on the door to pull the locks fully over the hooks.
3. Grab the door by the sides, pull the bottom of the door up and toward you to disengage the hinge supports.
Keep pulling the bottom of the door toward you while rotating the top of the door toward the range to completely disen-
gage the hinge levers.
4. Proceed in reverse to re-install the door.
Make sure the hinge supports are fully engaged before unlocking the hinge levers.
Lock in normal
Upswept lift cooktop (some models)
On some models, the cooktop, when equipped with coil elements, can be
raised to facilitate cleaning of the panel.
To raise the cooktop, grab the sides and lift from the front. Use the two sliding
wire supports located on each side of the cooktop and pull them toward you,
to the lock position, in order to maintain the cooktop in the raised position
while cleaning the panel.
Lower the cooktop slowly; be careful not to pinch fingers. Do
not let the cooktop fall freely, as this may damage the porcelain finish.
Lock engaged
for door removal
Door removed from
the range


Table of Contents