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Kenmore C970-495022 Use & Care Manual page 28

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Table of Contents
Avoid Service Checklist
SELF-CLEANING OVEN (some models)
Self-clean cycle does not work.
Soil not completely removed after
self-cleaning cycle.
There's some strange noise at the
beginning of the self-clean cycle.
Avoid Transportation Damage to your Range
If you have to move your range into/out of your residence or when moving to a new home, it is suggested that you take the fol-
lowing precautions:
1. Screw in the levelling legs under the range.
2. Remove the racks and other ustensils from the oven, and from the lower drawer.
3. Use adhesive tape to firmly secure the door and the drawer to the side panels. Also attach the electric power cord in the
same manner.
4. Use a two-wheeled dolley with strap and fasten the range to it. Cover the appliance with a heavy blanket to prevent
scratches and dents.
5. Avoid pulling or pushing the control panel when moving the appliance.
Follow steps specified in this manual for appropriate settings of controls.
Door was not closed properly. Close door and start appropriate clean cycle again.
Faillure to clean the bottom or front top of oven or door area, these surfaces get hot
enough to burn on residue. Self cleaning of area underneath a closed door is not effi-
cient. Clean these areas before the self-cleaning cycle is started. Burned on residue
may be cleaned with a stiff nylon brush and water or nylon scrubber. Be careful not to
damage the oven seal.
Clean cycle too short. Put oven through an additional cycle.
Check for temporary loss of power. Reset the controls and put the oven through an-
other self-clean cycle.
These are normal; they are caused by the oven door lock mechanism.


Table of Contents