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Cleaning The Appliance - Kenmore C970-495022 Use & Care Manual

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Cleaning the Appliance

Exterior Cleaning
Clean range after each use to prevent sticky grease built-up and spills from cooking on. Wash with hot, soapy water and a
clean cloth. Wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel.
Do not use abrasives, steel wool, cleaners containing ammonia, acids or commercial oven cleaners on any exterior parts of the
range, except the porcelain enamel cooktop. If a metal cleaner or polish is used on metal trim, be sure the label specifies that it
is safe for use on chrome and aluminium.
Control Panel
Control knobs (some models)
Models with glass panel:
Use a clean cloth or a sponge with warm, soapy water or paper towel and spray glass cleaner to clean the glass panel. Be
careful not to let water/cleaner go behing the glass or near the knob activated controls.
Replace knobs; engage the flat surface inside the knob cavity with the flat on the shaft. Push knobs onto the shafts.
To Remove and Replace Glass Control Panel
To remove the glass control panel to clean it:
1. Remove control knobs.
2. Maintaining the glass panel with one hand, unscrew the plastic bushing located around each element switch.
3. Remove the glass panel and clean it delicately.
To re-install the glass control panel:
1. Place the glass panel on the montage panel and maintain it with one hand.
2. Screw element switches plastic bushing.
3. Replace the control knobs.
Prior to cleaning the coil elements make
sure they are cold and that control knobs
are turned to OFF " " .
Warning: Never leave covers on the coil
elements as they could be permanently
damaged if the coil is turned on by acci-
Before cleaning any part of the range, make sure all heating elements are turned
to OFF " " and are cool.
If the control panel needs cleaning turn the control knobs to OFF " ", then pull knobs
straight off the shafts.
Most cleaning of your steel/aluminum control panel can be done using a clean cloth with
warm soapy water or other mild household cleaners.
Sometimes, applying few drops of a recommended cooktop cleaning/polishing creme (with
silicone) will remove any remaining soil and will leave a protective coating wich will keep
your range looking like new.
Cooktop cleaning/polishing creme can be purchased through Sears parts/service centers or
Sears department stores.
(some models)
Coil Surface Elements
Coil Elements and Drip Bowls
Coil elements clean themselves when they are turned on.
Never immerse coil elements in water.
(some models)
Coil elements and drip bowls are removable and al-
low to clean the drip bowls.
To remove a coil element, push against the front
edge and lift element up and out.
To clean by hand, wash the drip bowls in hot sudsy
water. For hard to remove spots, use a nylon scrub-
ber with soap. Rinse and dry while still warm.


Table of Contents