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HP 5920 Configuration Manual: Monitoring And Maintaining Processes

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Monitoring and maintaining processes

HP Comware V7 is a full-featured, modular, and scalable network operating system based on the Linux
kernel. Comware V7 software features run the following types of independent processes:
User process—Runs in user space. Most Comware V7 software features run user processes. Each
process runs in an independent space so the failure of a process does not affect other processes.
The system automatically monitors user processes. Comware V7 supports preemptive
multithreading. A process can run multiple threads to support multiple activities. Whether a process
supports multithreading depends on the software implementation.
Kernel thread—Runs in kernel space. A kernel thread executes kernel code. It has a higher security
level than a user process. If a kernel thread fails, the system breaks down. You can monitor the
running status of kernel threads.
Displaying and maintaining processes
Commands described in this section apply to both user processes and kernel threads. You can execute
these commands in any view.
The system identifies a process that consumes excessive memory or CPU resources as an anomaly source.
To display and maintain processes:
Display memory usage.
Display process state information.
Display CPU usage for all
Monitor process running state.
Monitor thread running state.
For detailed information about the display memory [ slot slot-number ] command, see Fundamentals
Command Reference.
Displaying and maintaining user processes
Execute display commands in any view and other commands in user view.
Display log information for all user
Display memory usage for all user
display memory [ slot slot-number ]
display process [ all | job job-id | name process-name ] [ slot slot-number ]
display process cpu [ slot slot-number ]
monitor process [ dumbtty ] [ iteration number ] [ slot slot-number ]
monitor thread [ dumbtty ] [ iteration number ] [ slot slot-number ]
display process log [ slot slot-number ]
display process memory [ slot slot-number ]


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