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HP 5920 Configuration Manual: Configuration Example For Ntp Client/server Mode With Authentication

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# Configure Switch A to operate in IPv6 multicast client mode and receive IPv6 multicast messages
on VLAN-interface 3.
[SwitchA] interface vlan-interface 3
[SwitchA-Vlan-interface3] ntp-service ipv6 multicast-client ff24::1
Verify the configuration:
# Display the NTP status of Switch A after clock synchronization.
[SwitchA-Vlan-interface3] display ntp-service status
Clock status: synchronized
Clock stratum: 3
System peer: 3000::2
Local mode: bclient
Reference clock ID:
Leap indicator: 00
Clock jitter: 0.165741 s
Stability: 0.000 pps
Clock precision: 2^-10
Root delay: 0.00534 ms
Root dispersion: 4.51282 ms
Reference time: d0c61289.10b1193f
The output shows that Switch A has been synchronized to Switch C, the clock stratum level of
Switch A is 3, and that of Switch C is 2.
# Display IPv6 NTP association information for Switch A.
[SwitchA-Vlan-interface3] display ntp-service ipv6 sessions
Notes: 1 source(master), 2 source(peer), 3 selected, 4 candidate, 5 configured.
Reachabilities: 2
Last receive time: 71
Roundtrip delay: 0.0
Total sessions : 1
The output shows that an association has been set up between Switch A and Switch C.
Configuration example for NTP client/server mode
with authentication
Network requirements
As shown in
Configure the local clock of Device A as a reference source, with the stratum level 2.
Configure Device B to operate in client mode and specify Device A as the NTP server of Device B,
with Device B as the client.
Configure NTP authentication on both Device A and Device B.
16, do the following:
Wed, Dec 29 2010 20:03:21.065
Clock stratum: 2
Poll interval: 64
Offset: -0.0
Dispersion: 0.0


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