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1: Oid=ifMtu.135471 Syntax=INT Value=1500
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# Use a wrong community name to get the value of a MIB node on the agent. You can see an
authentication failure trap on the NMS. V1 Trap = authenticationFailure
SNMP Version = V1
Community = public
Command = Trap
Enterprise =
GenericID = 4
SpecificID = 0
Time Stamp = 8:35:25.68

SNMPv3 configuration example

Network requirements
As shown in
of the agent ( The agent automatically sends notifications to report events to the NMS.
The NMS and the agent perform authentication when they set up an SNMP session. The authentication
algorithm is SHA- 1 and the authentication key is 123456TESTauth&!. The NMS and the agent also
encrypt the SNMP packets between them by using the AES algorithm and the privacy key
Figure 34 Network diagram
Configuration procedure
Configure the agent:
# Configure the IP address of the agent, and make sure the agent and the NMS can reach each
other. (Details not shown.)
# Assign the NMS (SNMPv3 group managev3group) read and write access to the objects under
the snmp node (OID, and deny its access to any other MIB object.
<Agent> system-view
[Agent] undo snmp-agent mib-view ViewDefault
[Agent] snmp-agent mib-view included test snmp
[Agent] snmp-agent group v3 managev3group privacy read-view test write-view test
# Add the user managev3user to the SNMPv3 group managev3group, and set the authentication
algorithm to sha, authentication key to 123456TESTauth&!, encryption algorithm to aes128, and
privacy key to 123456TESTencr&!.
[Agent] snmp-agent usm-user v3 managev3user managev3group simple authentication-mode
sha 123456TESTauth&! privacy-mode aes128 123456TESTencr&!
# Configure contact and physical location information for the agent.
[Agent] snmp-agent sys-info contact Mr.Wang-Tel:3306
34, the NMS ( uses SNMPv3 to monitor and manage the interface status


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