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Use the debugging ip icmp command on Device A and Device C to verify that they can send and
receive the specific ICMP packets, or use the display ip routing-table command to verify that there
is a route from Device A to Device C.

System debugging

The device supports debugging for the majority of protocols and features and provides debugging
information to help users diagnose errors.
Debugging information control switches
The following switches control the display of debugging information:
Module debugging switch—Controls whether to generate the module-specific debugging
Screen output switch—Controls whether to display the debugging information on a certain screen.
Use terminal monitor and terminal logging level commands to turn on the screen output switch. For
more information about these two commands, see Network Management and Monitoring
Command Reference.
As shown in
The debugging information can be output on a terminal only when both the module debugging switch
and the screen output switch are turned on.
Debugging information is typically displayed on a console. You can also send debugging information to
other destinations. For more information, see
Figure 4 Relationship between the module and screen output switch
4, assume that the device can provide debugging for the three modules 1, 2, and 3.
"Configuring the information


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