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Mounting - Martin Easypix 300 User Manual

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DIN rail
The Easypix luminaire is designed for mounting on standard 35 mm
top-hat DIN rail.
Corrosion-resistant DIN rail can be ordered from Martin (see
"Accessories" on page 42). Dimensions for the DIN rail supplied by
Martin are given in Figure 1.
Note that you cannot fasten the Easypix luminaire mounting clamps
directly over screws used to fasten DIN rail to the mounting surface. If a
DIN rail mounting screw is in the way of a mounting clamp, move it to
another slot in the DIN rail.
Note that you must install extra screws through the DIN rail into the
mounting surface to secure luminaires in vertical installations (see
"Mounting the Easypix luminaire vertically" on page 13).
Mounting the Easypix luminaire
Warning! The Easypix luminaire must be mounted on a top-hat
profile 35 mm (1.4 inch) DIN rail that is securely anchored to a
surface. The installation must conform to local electrical, building,
safety and fire regulations. If there is a danger that the luminaire
may cause injury or damage if it falls, use a means of secondary
attachment such as safety cables looped around the luminaire.
Figure 1: Martin DIN rail dimensions (in mm)
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