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Service And Maintenance; Cleaning - Martin Easypix 300 User Manual

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Service and maintenance

DANGER! Read "Safety Information" on page 3 before carrying
out service or maintenance work on the Easypix system. Lock out
power to the entire distribution system before servicing or
opening any cover.
Important! The Easypix system requires regular service and
maintenance to maintain reliable operation and protect the
investment it represents. Excessive dirt and particle build-up
degrades performance, causes overheating and will damage the
Easypix Power and Easypix luminaire. Damage caused by
inadequate cleaning or maintenance is not covered by the product
The service and maintenance procedures described in this section
must be carried out by qualified professionals only. Any service
procedures not described in this section must be carried out by the
Martin Service organization or its authorized agents.
It is Martin policy to use the best quality materials available to ensure
optimum performance and the longest possible component lifetimes.
However, optical components in all luminaires are subject to wear and
tear over the life of the luminaire, resulting in gradual changes in color
rendition, for example. The extent of wear and tear in the Easypix
depends heavily on operating conditions and environment, so it is
impossible to specify precise lifetimes for optical components.


Warning! Do not use a high-pressure water jet for cleaning.
Regular cleaning is essential for luminaire life and performance. Build
up of dust and dirt degrades the luminaire's light output and cooling
Cleaning schedules will vary greatly depending on the operating
environment. It is therefore impossible to specify precise cleaning
intervals for the Easypix system. Inspect luminaires within their first few
weeks of operation to see whether cleaning is necessary. Check again
at frequent intervals. This procedure will allow you to assess cleaning
requirements in your particular situation. If in doubt, consult your Martin
dealer about a suitable maintenance schedule.
Clean the Easypix Power and the Easypix luminaire housing and front
cover with a soft cloth dampened with a solution of water and a mild
detergent such as car shampoo. Take care not to damage wiring during



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