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Martin Tripix 300 User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Martin Tripix 300

  • Page 1 User Manual Tripix™ Range ™ Tripix ™ Tripix 1200 ™ Tripix Wash ™ Tripix Power ™ Tripix Power IP66...
  • Page 2: Dimensions

    The Martin logo, the Martin name and all other trademarks in this document pertaining to services or products by Martin Professional A/S or its affiliates and subsidiaries are trademarks owned or licensed by Martin Professional A/S or its affiliates or subsidiaries.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    If you have questions about how to operate the fixture safely, please contact your Martin dealer or call the Martin 24-hour service hotline at +45 70 200 201, or in the USA on 1-888-tech-180.
  • Page 4 Install Tripix devices at least 20 cm (8 in.) away from combustible materials (for example textiles, wood, paper). • Keep flammable materials well away from Tripix devices. • Do not modify any Tripix device in any way not described in this manual. Only install genuine Martin parts.
  • Page 5 • Use only Martin approved accessories to mask or modify the light beam. • Do not attempt to bypass fuses. Replace defective fuses with ones of the specified type and rating only. • Install the Tripix Power indoors in a well-ventilated area only.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents Dimensions ....................... 2 Safety Information ..................... 3 Contents ......................6 Introduction ....................... 7 Unpacking ....................8 Using for the first time ................8 Physical installation ..................9 Location and orientation ................9 Mounting ....................10 AC power ......................16 Installation setup .....................
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Introduction Thank you for selecting Tripix™, a compact LED-based color-changing lighting product from Martin™. The Tripix is available in Short 300 mm (11.8 inch), Long 1200 mm (47.2 inch) and Wash models. All fixtures are powered by the Tripix Power™ or Tripix Power™ IP66.
  • Page 8: Unpacking

    Unpacking The following items are included with the Tripix fixture: • Tripix fixture (Tripix 1200 or Tripix 300 or Tripix Wash) with narrow beam angle diffuser installed • Warning note The following items are included with the Tripix Power: •...
  • Page 9: Physical Installation

    Installation must be carried out by qualified professionals only. Tripix 300 and 1200 fixtures must be clamped onto a 35 mm DIN top-hat rail that is securely anchored to a suitable flat surface. Tripix Wash fixtures have an integral mounting bracket that must be bolted or screwed to a flat surface.
  • Page 10: Mounting

    Tripix 300 and 1200 fixtures are designed for mounting on standard 35 mm top-hat DIN rail. You can use standard lengths of 35 mm DIN Rail or use Martin Short 35 mm DIN rail supplied in 72 mm (2.8 in.) lengths (P/N 23819560).
  • Page 11 To mount a Tripix 300 or 1200 fixture on a surface using 35 mm DIN rail: Fasten the DIN rail securely to the mounting surface. See Figure 2. The fixture mounting bracket has a hooked profile on one side (see A). Hook this profile over the top of the DIN rail and swing the bracket down.
  • Page 12 Figure 3: Vertical mounting on DIN rail Adjusting the Tripix 300/1200 tilt angle The Tripix 300/1200 can be tilted through 105° (see Figure 4). Figure 4: Tilt angle To adjust the tilt angle: See Figure 5. Turn the locking knob (arrowed) clockwise until it releases the fixture profile.
  • Page 13 Lock Unlock Figure 5: Releasing and tightening the tilt lock Mounting the Tripix Wash To mount the fixture on a surface: Mark up the mounting surface for screws or bolts (you can hold the fixture up to the mounting surface temporarily as a guide). Drill suitable holes in the mounting surface and use screw anchors if necessary.
  • Page 14 safety cable attached to a secure anchoring point in the mounting surface. Adjusting the Tripix Wash tilt angle Figure 7: Tripix Wash tilt lock bolts The Tripix Wash can be tilted through 163°. To adjust the tilt angle: See Figure 7. Use two 6 mm Allen keys to loosen the tilt lock bolts. Adjust the fixture to the desired tilt angle (see Figure 8).
  • Page 15 Adjusting the Tripix Wash pan angle Figure 9: Adjusting Tripix Wash pan angle The Tripix Wash pan angle can be adjusted through approximately 90°. To adjust the pan angle: See Figure 9. Loosen the four screws or bolts in the base of the bracket.
  • Page 16: Ac Power

    Doing so can damage the electronics. If you require help in planning or dimensioning the power distribution system, please contact your Martin supplier for assistance. The Tripix Power and Tripix Power IP66 must be connected to a single- phase 3-wire (live, neutral, ground/earth) power distribution system at 100-240 VAC nominal, 50/60 Hz.
  • Page 17 exposed to water, moisture can be drawn up the inside of the cable due to the vacuum effect of temperature fluctuations during operation. Power plug The Tripix Power and Tripix Power IP66 can be hard-wired to a building’s AC mains electrical installation, but if you decide to fit the power cable with a plug that is suitable for your AC mains power outlets, install a grounding-type (earthed) plug following the plug manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Page 18 Installing the Tripix Power IP66 power input cable Unfasten all the screws on the input side cover and lift the cover away from the housing as shown in Figure 10. Figure 10: Tripix IP66 power input connections Pass the power input cable through the cable gland. Connect the power cable conductors to the power terminals inside the cover using Table 1 and the markings on the terminals as a guide.
  • Page 19: Installation Setup

    Incorrect configuration of the Tripix system may present a risk of fire or electric shock or permanently damage the Tripix fixture. Do not connect Martin Tripix and Martin Easypix™ products together, as they use different data signals. Figure 11 gives an overview of the basic Tripix system layout. Do not...
  • Page 20 • 3 Tripix Wash fixtures or • any mixture of Tripix 300 and Tripix 1200 fixtures that does not exceed 3.6 meters (11 ft. 10 in.). A Tripix Wash counts as a Tripix 1200. Warning! The maximum length of the power link from a Tripix Power or Tripix Power IP66 to the last Tripix fixture on the power link must not exceed the length of the devices’...
  • Page 21 Power Figure 12: Power Inserter cable (dimensions in mm) The connections to DMX data, power and fixtures are marked on the Power Inserter cable (see Figure 13): - connect the data signal from a DMX controller or a PC to “In” - connect the 48 V output from a Tripix Power or Tripix Power IP66 to “Power”...
  • Page 22 Martin logo on the female connector r as shown below or r you will damage th he pins in the male conn nector: • Connecto rs can be very stiff. Ensure that the m...
  • Page 23: Connecting The Tripix System

    3-pin female XLR DMX output to the Power Inserter cable’s “In” connector if external DMX control is required or to configure fixtures using the Martin MUM™ PC application and a USB/DMX interface. This 3-pin male XLR to 13-pin female DIN adapter is not supplied as standard and must be ordered separately.
  • Page 24 (see warnings under Tripix system overview on page 19). See Figure 14. When all groups of fixtures are connected correctly, insert a Martin 13-pin DIN DMX Termination Plug in the output connector of the last fixture of each separate chain of fixtures. One plug is supplied with each Tripix Power or Tripix Power IP66.
  • Page 25 Tripix Cable Adapters Tripix Cable Adapters are supplied in pairs with male and female cable tails installed. See Figure 15. Figure 15: Male Tripix Cable Adapter When installing fixtures outdoors or in a wet or damp environment install each cable adapter’s PCB and terminals inside an IP66-rated electrical junction box (not supplied).
  • Page 26 Connecting Cable Adapters When connecting power cable between the 48 VDC terminal blocks, respect the cable lengths and dimensions given in Table 2. Total Length Cable Conductor Gauges Required 1-15m 16 AWG or 1.0 mm2 (3.3-49 ft.) 15-40m 14 AWG or 1.5 mm (49-131ft.) 40-80m 12 AWG or 2.5 mm...
  • Page 27 power cable is necessary) to extend the link from the last fixture in Group 1 to the “In” connector of group 2’s Power Inserter cable. 48 V DC 48 V DC power 2 power 1 data Power 2/data Power 1/data Power Powe r O ut...
  • Page 28 The dimensions of the power cable you must use for this purpose depend on the length of the power cable. Use the dimensions and lengths given in Table 2 on page 25. Extending the power/data link See Figures 21 and 22. If you need to extend the distance between the Power Inserter cable and the first fixture, either insert a Tripix Extension Cable or use both a CAT5e data cable and a power cable (arrowed) in Tripix Cable Adapters.
  • Page 29 Continuing a data link to other types of fixture If you need to continue the DMX data link to other types of fixture that have XLR-type DMX input connections, use the Tripix DMX Output adapter cable (P/N: 91611338) available from Martin. Tripix Series User Manual...
  • Page 30: Fixture Configuration

    See also the MUM user manual. MUM is supplied in a package together with the Martin DABS1 interface (P/N: 91611144). The latest version of MUM is also available for download free of charge from the Martin website at
  • Page 31 This procedure also works for one single fixture, provided that a DMX Termination Plug is installed on the DMX output cable tail of that fixture. Communicating with a specific fixture See Figure 25. To communicate with a specific fixture, open the Fixture Settings window in MUM.
  • Page 32 If you have set a fixture’s DMX address manually using the first method listed above, set its DMX and pixel grouping modes before moving on to the next fixture. Setting DMX mode Select the DMX color control mode you want to use via MUM (see Figure 26).
  • Page 33 Figure 27: DMX Mode settings Configuring stand-alone operation To activate or deactivate stand-alone operation, open the Stand-alone settings window in MUM and set Stand-alone operation to Enabled/Disabled (see Figure 28). Figure 28: Stand-alone settings Stand-alone sequence settings There are 64 static and dynamic stand-alone sequences in total (see Figure 29).
  • Page 34 Figure 29: Stand-alone sequence settings Stand-alone sequence timing See Figure 30. Stand-alone sequence times can be adjusted in the Stand-alone settings window: • Wait times (the length of time each step in a dynamic scene is displayed) can be set in the Scene wait time pull-down box. •...
  • Page 37 • In Synchronized mode, the Tripix is a slave and obeys instructions from a master fixture. • Four buttons also allow you to apply settings to all Tripix fixtures on the DMX link: - Set all as single fixture sets all fixtures to run their own stand- alone program independently of the other fixtures - Set all as single fixture - synchronized sequence and timing selections sets all fixtures to run the stand-alone...
  • Page 38 Tripix Power device and Power Inserter cable to that fixture and plug MUM into the Power Inserter cable’s “In” connector. Martin is gradually implementing RDM in Martin products. The Tripix Wash is RDM-compliant. For more information, see information on the Martin website at from early 2011.
  • Page 39: Operation

    Operation Warning! Do not view the light output with optical instruments or any device that may concentrate the beam. Ambient temperatures Tripix fixtures and the Tripix Power IP66 can be operated at ambient temperatures from -30° C (-22° F) to 45° C (113° F). The Tripix Power can be operated from -30°...
  • Page 40 Channel Value Percentage Function Red>>Orange>>Amber>>Yellow 0-255 0-100% >>Green>>Cyan>>Blue>>Indigo >>Violet>>Magenta>>Red Saturation 0-255 0-100% Zero(White)>>Full 0-255 0-100% Intensity: 0-100% Color Temperature Control 0-255 0 -100% 2000 - 10000 K Table 5: HSIC mode (calibrated) Pixel grouping mode If Tripix 1200 and Tripix Wash are set to 2 or 4 pixel mode, the DMX channels used are available for each pixel.
  • Page 41: Service And Maintenance

    Martin Service organization or its authorized agents. It is Martin policy to use the best quality materials available to ensure optimum performance and the longest possible component lifetimes.
  • Page 42: Fixture Information And Monitoring

    a mild detergent such as car shampoo. Take care not to damage cables during cleaning. Do not use products that contain solvents, abrasives or caustic agents for cleaning, as they can cause surface damage to the housing and the front cover. Fixture information and monitoring See Figure 31.
  • Page 43: Testing

    See Figure 32. The Tripix displays voltage readouts for 48V and 5V components as well as temperature readouts for LEDs and the main PCB in the Monitor window: Figure 32: Monitor window Testing See Figure 33. The LED Test window in MUM gives a quick method of testing LED output at 100% intensity without a DMX controller.
  • Page 44 Tripix 300, 1200 and Wash fixtures are supplied with a narrow beam angle diffuser installed. The diffuser softens the output from the LEDs and alters the beam angle.
  • Page 45 To avoid light leakage, bend the edges of the diffuser as shown in Figure 35. Figure 35: Installing the Tripix 300/1200 diffuser Check that the front cover seal is correctly seated in its slot all the way round the edge of the front cover.
  • Page 46 Installing a diffuser filter in the Tripix Wash Disconnect the Tripix Wash from power. If the fixture has been in use, allow it to cool for at least 5 minutes. Remove the screws from the fixture housing to release the front cover (See Figure 37).
  • Page 47: Fuse Replacement

    Replace fuses with ones of the same type and rating only. Do not attempt to bypass a fuse. Tripix Power IP66 The fuse in the Tripix Power IP66 must be replaced by Martin Service or its authorized agents only. Tripix Power The fuse in the Tripix Power can be replaced by the user following the warnings and instructions below.
  • Page 48: Software Installation

    “After-Sales” area of the Martin website. • The Tripix main software update file, downloadable free of charge from the “After-Sales” area of the Martin website (this file can be downloaded automatically from within the Martin Uploader application) Installing software...
  • Page 49 Software uploads can fail (most failures are caused by interference on the data link). Turn off power and repeat the upload. If the problem persists, contact the Martin Service organization or its authorized agents for assistance. Tripix...
  • Page 50: Troubleshooting

    Bypass devices on DMX link respond at all until the faulty device has Other device on DMX been identified. link defective Have faulty device tested and serviced by Martin service or device supplier. Wrong fixture Check the fixture configuration configuration. Ensure free airflow around Tripix Power.
  • Page 51: Specifications

    Firmware update ..........Serial upload via DMX link Optics Light source ................. 3 in 1 LED Total LED power ............ Tripix 300: 24 W approx.......... Tripix 1200: 82 W approx......... Tripix Wash: 72 W approx. For photometric data see
  • Page 52 Tripix 300 ....................24 Tripix 1200 ....................6 Tripix Wash ....................6 Mixture of Tripix 300, 1200 and Wash (Wash counts as 1200) ....... 7.2 m (23.6 ft.) Maximum number of fixtures connected per Tripix Power IP66 Tripix 300 ....................12 Tripix 1200 ....................
  • Page 53: Included Items

    EU EMC ..........EN 55 015, EN 55 103, EN 61 000-3 US Safety ..................UL 1598 Canadian Safety ..........CAN/CSA C.22.2 No. 250 Included Items Tripix 300, Tripix 1200 and Tripix Wash 1 x luminaire with narrow diffuser installed Tripix Power 1 x Tripix Power...
  • Page 54: Spare Parts

    Set of 4 Tripix Wash Diffusers, Wide ........P/N 91610037 Tripix Power Inserter (3-way power & data insertion cable) .. P/N 91611339 Short Martin 35 mm DIN rail in 72 mm (2.8 in.) lengths ..P/N 23819560 Tripix DMX Termination Plug ..........P/N 91611336 Tripix DMX Input Adapter 3-pin male XLR to 13-pin female DIN .
  • Page 55 Custom colors are available by special order – please contact your Martin distributor for details. Specifications subject to change without notice. Please see for latest product information and specifications. Tripix Series User Manual...
  • Page 56 Notes...
  • Page 57 Notes...
  • Page 60 • Olof Palmes Allé 18 • 8200 Aarhus N • Denmark Tel: +45 8740 0000 • Fax +45 8740 0010...

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