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Control Data Link - Martin Easypix 300 User Manual

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Control data link

The Easypix Power must be connected via a control data link for DMX
controller or synchronized (master/slave) operation. The following
considerations must be taken into account when planning the data link:
• Use RS-485 data cable for the data link. RS-485 cable has low
capacitance and a characteristic impedance of 85 to 150 Ohms. It is
electrically shielded and has at least 1 twisted pair of conductors. The
minimum recommended wire size is 0.25 mm2 (24 AWG) for runs up
to 300 meters (1000 ft.) and 0.32 mm2 (22 AWG) for runs up 500
meters (1640 ft).
• CAT 5e network cable is suitable for the control data link in indoor
installations. Installation-type cable is acceptable for fixed installations.
Flexible patch-type cable with good bend and torsion recovery is
required in movable installations (Martin patch cables are
recommended). CAT 5e cable and RJ-45 connectors must be used
for synchronized master/slave operation.
• Long parallel runs of AC power and control data cables may cause
interference on the data link and must be avoided. Even if not
required by law, use separate conduits for power and data cables.
• The maximum permitted control data cable length before a control
signal amplifier is required is 500 meters (1640 ft.). An optically
isolated amplifier-splitter such as the Martin™ RS-485 Opto-Splitter™
(P/N 90758060) must be used to extend a link beyond this length.
• Easypix Powers can be daisy-chained, i.e. the data cable can be
connected in one single chain of Easypix Powers as shown in Figure
• Each chain may connect a maximum of 32 Easypix Powers.
• Each chain on the link must be terminated by placing a 120 ohm
resistor (available from Martin, P/N 91613028) across the data hot (+)
and data cold (-) output conductors of the last Easypix Power on the
Data connection pinouts
RJ-45 connection
RJ-45 connectors are suitable if CAT 5e cable is used for the data link.
RJ-45 cable connector pins are numbered from the left looking at the
face of the connector with the locking clip on top (see Figure 7).



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