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Ac Power - Martin Easypix 300 User Manual

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AC power

DANGER! Read "Safety Information" on page 3 before attempting
to install this product. Lock out power to the entire installation
before working on cables and connections or removing any cover.
Warning! Electrical installation must be carried out by qualified
professionals only.
Warning! The electrical equipment and cable used to supply the
Easypix system with power must be in perfect condition, be
adequately dimensioned for current requirements and respect
maximum cable run lengths.
Warning! For protection from dangerous electric shock, the
Easypix Power must be grounded (earthed). The AC power
distribution system must be fitted with current overload and
ground-fault (earth-fault) circuit breakers as well as a means to
isolate the Easypix Power from power and lock out power during
Important! Do not connect the Easypix system to an electrical
dimmer system. Doing so can damage the electronics.
If you require help in planning or dimensioning the power distribution
system, please contact your Martin supplier for assistance.
If there is a break or cut at any point in a cable (for example at a
connection point), and if this is exposed to water, moisture can be
drawn up the inside of the cable due to the vacuum effect of
temperature fluctuations during operation.
The Easypix Power adapts automatically to 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Do not
connect to power at any other voltage or frequency.
The Easypix Power is protected by a 5.0 amp slow-blow primary fuse
located on the Easypix Power. See "Fuse replacement" on page 34 for
details of changing fuses. See "Specifications" on page 39 for details of
fuse rating and typical current.
The Easypix 300 and Easypix 1200 are protected by an electronic
circuit-breaker in the extender/splitter. Incorrect system configuration
will cause an automatic luminaire power off. The circuit-breaker will
reset and recover once the system is configured correctly. See page 21
for correct system configuration.



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