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Diffuser Filters - Martin Easypix 300 User Manual

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cleaning. Do not use products that contain solvents, abrasives or
caustic agents for cleaning, as they can cause surface damage to the
housing and the front cover.

Diffuser filters

Important! Install diffuser filter sheets with the matt, textured
surface facing out towards the front cover and shiny, untextured
surface facing in towards the LEDs.
The Easypix luminaire is supplied with a narrow beam angle diffuser
filter installed. The diffuser filter softens the output from the LEDs and
alters the beam angle.
See Figure 8. Diffuser filters are available in three different beam
angles: narrow, medium and wide. The diffuser filters can be ordered
from Martin (see "Accessories" on page 42).
The diffuser filters are marked with notches to identify them. See Figure
To install a diffuser filter:
Figure 8: Diffuser filter identification
Isolate the Easypix luminaire from power. If the luminaire has
been in use, allow it to cool for at least 5 minutes.
Remove the luminaire from the DIN rail by using a 2.5 mm Allen
key to release the mounting clamp screw and then unhooking the
mounting bracket from the DIN rail.
See Figure 9. Remove the side plate screws and the side plate at
one end of the luminaire.
Slide the front cover out of the aluminum profile housing.
Slide the diffuser filter out of the front cover.
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