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Physical Installation; Location And Orientation - Martin Easypix 300 User Manual

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Physical installation

Warning! Read "Safety Information" on page 3 before installing
the devices.
The safety and suitability of lifting equipment, installation location,
anchoring method, mounting hardware and electrical installation
is the responsibility of the installer. All local safety regulations
and legal requirements must be observed when installing and
connecting the devices. Installation must be carried out by
qualified professionals only.
The Easypix luminaires must be clamped onto a DIN top-hat rail
that is securely anchored to a suitable flat surface. Ensure that the
supporting structure can bear the weight of all installed devices
plus an adequate safety margin.
Make sure that there will be at least 5 cm (2 in.) of free space and
unrestricted airflow around both the Easypix Power and the
Easypix luminaire.
Warning! Do not use the Easypix luminaire without the supplied
diffuser filter.
Contact your Martin supplier for assistance if you have any questions
about how to install this product safely.

Location and orientation

Easypix luminaires are for indoor installations with an IP rating of 20.
The Easypix Power is for indoor use only;
The devices require free and unobstructed airflow around them to
ensure adequate cooling:
• Do not bury the devices or locate them in an unventilated space
• Allow 5 cm (2 in.) free space around both the Easypix Power and the
Easypix luminaires
Install the Easypix Power and the Easypix luminaires at least 20 cm (8
in.) away from any combustible materials (wood, paper, etc.) and well
away from any flammable materials.
The housings of the Easypix luminaire and the Easypix Power reach
temperatures up to 65° C (149° F). Restrict public access or locate the
devices so that they cannot accidentally be touched.



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