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Connections - General; System Overview - Martin Easypix 300 User Manual

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Connections – general
This section lists some general principles that apply to Easypix
installations. Read "Safety Information" on page 3, "AC power" on page
17 and "Control data link" on page 19 before starting installation work.

System overview

Figure 6 gives an overview of the system layout and the cable
connections for the Easypix Power.
Important! Do not exceed the maximum permitted number of
luminaires per output channel, i.e. 24 Easypix 300 luminaires or 6
Easypix 1200 luminaires.
The Easypix system consists of:
Figure 6: Schematic cable and device layout
The Easypix Power that controls luminaires in response to a DMX
signal from a controller such as the Martin Light Fox™. The
Easypix Power also stores stand-alone programs that luminaires
can display without the need for a DMX controller.
Easypix 300 and Easypix 1200 luminaires.
Easypix user manual



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