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System Setup; Luminaire Configuration; Setting Up Stand-Alone Operation - Martin Easypix 300 User Manual

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System setup

Important! Read this description carefully before applying power.
Incorrect configuration of the Easypix system may permanently
damage the Easypix luminaire.
The Easypix Power has two output channels marked Output I and
Output II. Each output channel can be controlled as one pixel and can
drive up to twenty four Easypix 300s or six Easypix 1200s or any
mixture that does not exceed 7.2 meters.
Important! The total length of the luminaires connected to each
output channel must not exceed 7.2 meters.

Luminaire configuration

The Easypix system is designed as a flexible modular system that can
support up to 24 Easypix 300s or 6 Easypix 1200s on the Easypix
Power's output channels. The Easypix Power must be configured to
match the desired luminaire layout.

Setting up stand-alone operation

In stand-alone operation, no DMX controller is required. Instead, 64
pre-programmed static and dynamic lighting effects stored in the
Easypix Power memory are sent to the Easypix luminaires for display
when stand-alone operation is enabled.
If more complex effects are required than those available, you will need
to add a DMX controller to the system and use DMX control.
The Easypix system is set up using the Easypix Power's DIP switch
(see Figure ).
Enabling stand-alone operation
See Table 2.
Figure 8: DIP switch



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