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Software Installation - Martin Easypix 300 User Manual

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Software installation

It may be necessary to upload new software (i.e. firmware) to the
Easypix Power if you believe that the product has a software-related
fault or if you want to update to a newer version. Software updates are
available from the Martin website ( and can be
installed via the DMX data link with the following items:
• The Martin Uploader application, version 5.0 or later, downloadable
free of charge from the "After-Sales" area of the Martin website.
• The Easypix main software update file, downloadable free of charge
from the "After-Sales" area of the Martin website (this file can be
downloaded automatically from within the Martin Uploader application)
• A Martin Universal USB-DMX Interface or similar PC/luminaire
hardware interface and a Windows PC.
Installing software
To install software in the Easypix Power:
Connect the uploader hardware to the Easypix Power data input
Upload the software as described in the Martin Uploader help file
or user documentation. The red "Service" LED will flash during
the upload.
When the upload is completed, the red "Service" LED will
extinguish. Disconnect the uploader hardware and reconnect the
Easypix Power to the DMX link.
Software uploads can fail (most failures are caused by
interference on the data link). Cycle power off and on and check
that the Easypix Power resets correctly, i.e. no LED error warning
appears. If an error appears, cycle power off and on again and
Figure 11: Fuseholder



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