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Kenmore 24 in. Installation Instructions Manual

Undercounter dishwasher


Undercounter Dishwasher
Lavavajillas empotrado
Lave-vaisselle encastr
What do I need to haveto
install the dishwasher?
• Tools, parts & materials
• Requirements
• Product dimensions
Back cover
What doI needto do before
I install the dishwasher?
• Prepare cabinet
• Prepare dishwasher
How do I install the
• Connect dishwasher
• Secure dishwasher
• Check operation
How do I changethe door
and accesspanels?
• Changing door &
access panels
• Installing custom wood
door & access panels
i,Qu6necesitopara instalar el
• Herramientas, piezas y materiales
• Requisitos
• Dimensiones del productn
i,Qu6 debohacerantes de
instalar el lavavajillas?
• Prepareel gabinete
• Prepareel lavavajillas
i,C6moinstaloel lavavajillas?
• Conecteel lavavajillas
• Asegure el lavavajillas
• Verifique el funcionamiento
i, C6mocambiola p?uerta y los
panelesde acceso.
• C6mo cambiarla puerta y Ins
panetesde accesn
• C6mo instalarla puerta de
madera y los paneles de
acceso personalizados
Que me faut-ilpour installer
le lave-vaisselle?
• Outils, pieces et mat6riaux
• Sp6cifications
• Dimensions du produit
Quedois-jefaire avant
d'installerle lave-vaisselle?
• Pr6paration d e I'encastrement
• Pr6parationdu lave-vaisselte
Commentdois-je installerle
• Raccordement du lave-vaisselle
• Fixation du lave-vaissel{e
• V_rification du fonctionnement
Comment dois-jechanger les
panneaux de porteet deI'acc_s?
• Changementdes panneaux
de porte et de I'acc_s
• Installation des panneauxen
bois personnalis6s-porte et d'acc_s 25-30
Doing so will:
• makeinstallation easier.
• help you in the future ifyou havequestions.
• helpifyou havean electrical i nspection.
havequestions or needservice.Whenyou call, you
will needthe dishwasher m odeland serialnumbers.
Part No. 3373977 Rev. A
• har_ m_s f_cil ta instalaci6n.
• In ayudar,'l e n el future si tiene alguna pregunta.
• Io ayudar;_ durante una inspecci6nelectrica.
Llame a suAlmac6n o Centro de Servicio Sears cuandn
tenga preguntaso necesite servicio. CuandoIlame,
necesitar_i tener a mane el n[imero del mndelo y el
mimero de serie del lavavajillas.
PiezaNo. 3373977 Rev.A
Ce qui:
• facilitera I'installation.
• vous aidera plus tard si vous avez des questions.
• aidera en cas d'inspection des installations _lectriques.
Appelezvotre magasin ou centre de service Sears quand
vous avez des questionsou si vous avez besoinde
service. Lots de votre appel, il vous faut les num6rosde
modele et de s(_riedu lave-vaisselle.
N° de piece 3373977 R@. A


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Kenmore 24 in.

  • Page 1 • makeinstallation easier. • help you in the future ifyou havequestions. • helpifyou havean electrical i nspection. CallyourSearsstoreorservicecenterwhenyou havequestions or needservice.Whenyou call, you will needthe dishwasher m odeland serialnumbers. Part No. 3373977 Rev. A Lavavajillas empotrado i,Qu6necesitopara instalar el lavavajillas? •...
  • Page 2 Io que puede suceder si no sigue las instrucciones. v' carefully open dishwasher door v' abrir con cuidadola puertadel while someone grasps the rear of lavavajillasmientrssalguiensujeta la parle trasera del lavavajillas. Quitetodos the dishwasher.
  • Page 3 G, guantes H, cuchillo deuse connectors w hich general are thepropersize to connect y our household w iringto 16-gaugewiringin dishwasher V. clampconnector or conduit c onnector to P.taladroeldctrico con 1-1/2"holesaw bits fit a 7/8"(2.2cm) Q. brecas desierra diameterhole perforsdora d e1/2"...
  • Page 4: Cabinet Opening

    Do not install dishwasherover carpeted flooring. Protect dishwasher and water lines leading to dishwasheragainst freezing. Damage from freezing is not coveredby the warranty. A side panel kit is available from your...
  • Page 5 If dishwasher willbe leftunused fora nivelarel lavavajillas). period of timeor in a location whereit Siva a dejarel lavavajillas sin uso por may besubject to freezing,follow ciertotiempo o en un lugar donde pudiera "Winterizing"instructions i n Useand...
  • Page 6 vienedelapdgina 4 continued f rompage 4 Electrical Requisitos eldctricos It is the customer's responsibility: Ec responsabilidaddel cliente: Ponerseen contacto con un tdcnico To contact a qualilied electrician. calificado. To assure that the electrical Asegurarsede que la instalacidn installation is adequate and in eldctrica sea adecuaday cumplacon conformance with all national and todos los cddigosy reglamentos...
  • Page 7 (L1I1_ Water You must have: v" a hotwaterline with 20-120 psi _/120°F (49°C)waterat dishwasher. I/3/8' v' a 90° elbowwith 3/8"N.P.T. e xternal Donot solder within6' (15.2cm)from waterinletvalve. Drain You must: _...uuumuuut...ut_EO_E_E_E_ _ use a new 12feet (3.7m) maximum...
  • Page 8 Disconnect electrical power at the fuse box or circuit breaker el6ctrico en la caja de fusibles o en el dispositivo interruptor de box before installing dishwasher. circuitos antes de instalar el Failure to do so can result in lavevajlllas. death or electrical shock.
  • Page 9: Requisitos El6Ctricos

    Disc'onnect the powersupply.Turn water off. Put on gloves and safety glasses. v' checkthatthewaterlineO reaches If tl_ewaterlineandthe directwire reachintothe opening far enough, g oto step10, page11. Electrical Followall nationalandlocalcodesand ordinances f or completing electrical supply to cabinet. directwiring _ usinga powersupply cord continued on page 9 Desconeeteel suministro el6ctrico.
  • Page 10 Install a mating, three-prong, tierra para clavijatripolar, (_ del mismo grounding-type wall receptacle 0 in the tipo, en el gabinete, junto a la abertura cabinet next to the dishwasher opening. para el lavavajillas. ContinUe con el Go to step 6. paso 6.
  • Page 11 (copper tubing will bend and kink easily) until it is far enough into the cabinet opening to connect it to dishwasher inlet on the front left of dishwasher. Turn shutoff valve _) to "ON" position. Flush water into a bucket to get rid of particles that may clog the inlet valve.
  • Page 12: Drain Hose

    continued f rompage10 Drain hose Cut a 1-1/2" (3.8cm) diameter hole in cabinet wall or floor on the side of the opening closest to the sink. Connect drain hose to waste tee or waste disposer following one method. * anair gapIs recommended 1.
  • Page 13 2. Attach drain hose O to disposer inlet This connection O MUST be before 11c. drain trap (D and at least 20" (50.8cm) above the floor where dishwasher will be installed. Go to step 12. 11d. 2. Attach drain hose to waste tee Q This connection _ MUST be before drain trap (D and at least 20' (50.8cm)
  • Page 14 Put dishwasher cornerposts0 behind dishwasher. Graspsides of dishwasher door frame and put dishwasheron its back. Removetwo top screws0 and two bottom screws(_ attaching access panel_) andlowerpanel_1 to dishwasher usinga 1/# hexsocket,nut driveror Phillips screwdriver. Remove panels andset panels asideona protective s urface. C heck that grounding clip_1 staysattached to accesspanel.
  • Page 15 If you are installing a power supply cord kit, do so now and follow kit instructions, Measure height of cabinet opening from underside o f countertop to floor where dishwasher w illbe installed • (you needthelowest point). Checkchartfor thatheightopening. P utwheels(D in the required position. 34"(86.4cm) 34.1/8"(86.7cm)
  • Page 16 If dishwasher has a power supply cord, Si el lavavajillas tiene un cord6n el*}ctrico, inserteel cord6n en el orificioque ha sido insert power supply cord into hole cut into cabinet.
  • Page 17 Place level against top front opening of tub O. Check that dishwasher is level from side to side. If dishwasher is not level, adjust front legs up or down until dishwasher is level. Retirer le cartonsous le lave-vaisselle.
  • Page 18 Route direct wire so that it does not touch dishwasher motor or lower part of dishwasher tub. Pull direct wire O through hole in terminal box. Electrically ground dishwasher. Connect ground wire to green ground connector in terminal box.
  • Page 19 Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, fire, or electrical shock. Checkthat powersupplycorddoesnot touchdishwashermotoror lower part of dishwasher tub. Go to step 5. continued o n page 19 conectores de empalmeretorcido'_ con las dimensiones adecuadasparaconectar el cabledirectoa un alambrecalibre 16 para lavavajillas.
  • Page 20: Water Connection

    To prevent vibration during operation, funcionamiento, inserte la tubeda de route the water supply line so that it suministrode agua de manera que no does not touch the dishwasher base, toquela base, el marcoo el motor del frame or motor. lavavajillas.
  • Page 21: Drain Connection

    watersupply and checkfor leaks. Drain Connection Routedrainhoseto avoidcontact w ith motor,doorsprings, w aterline,cabinet or flooring. Inserta cloth,puttyor caulking compound in holearounddrain hosewherehosepassesthrough cabinet to help minimize vibration noise. Place a shallow pan (_ (pie or cake pan) under drain connector O. Remove drain hose connector cap O.
  • Page 22 Secure dishwasher to countertop with two, No. 10 x 1/2" Phillips-head screws _). The dishwasher MUST be secured to keep it from tipping when door is opened. Do Not drop screws into bottom of dishwasher.
  • Page 23: If Dishwasher Does Not Operate

    (_ tension by moving the dishwasher. If the door falls open, the spring end toward the back of the back front dishwasher.Springs should be in the parle trasera parle delantera arriGre same notches on left and right sides.
  • Page 24: Door Panel

    The opposite sideof doorO and accessO panelsis a different color. Somemodels havea solidblackaccess panel t hatthe colorcannotbe changed. Door panel Insert finger under one end of retainer @ and pull towards you in a peeling action. Set retainer aside. Liftdoor panelat outeredges(D. Use onehandto bow bottom of panelO.
  • Page 25 Bowdoorpaneland insertothersideof doorpanelintodoorframe0. Push in on doorpanelnearthetopand slidepanelandspacerup insidebottom of control c onsole 0, allowing panelto restonchannel0 at bottomof door. Snaponeendof retainerintochannel a s shown0. Pushinwardwhilesliding thumbalongfull lengthof retainer O. continued o npage25 Dobleel panel de la puerta e inserteel Cintrerle panneaude porte et ins6rer I'autrec8t6 dans I'encadrement •...
  • Page 26: Access Panel

    continued f rompage24 Access panel Push upwiththumbson eachendof accesspanel t op trim O to unsnap trim. Removetoptrim andset itaside. Carefullyslide coloraccesspanel upwards and removeQ. Do Not removespacer. Withdesiredcolorfacingout,bow access panel@ andinsertintoaccess panelframe. Slide panel d owninto groove alongbottomof accesspanel frame. Lineup edgesof top trim _ withsides of access panelframe.Tilt backof trim down and sliOeinto place.Snapfront of...
  • Page 27 Fileor sand edges of wood panels to especificadas. Asegerese de que la avoid slivers. direccibnde lasfibras de la madera Dishwasher subject to some humidity. coincidacon la direcci6nde las fibras de Cover both sides and edges o! wood la maderadel gabinete.
  • Page 28 continued f rompage 26 2 • 7/32"(0.56om) Doorpanelwidthis narrower than accesspanel. C utdoorpanelbottom edge@ to clearaccess panel_) when bord dooris in openpositionO. (Doorin sup_rieur borde closedposition _.) superior Heavy-duty doorsprings mustbe used if customdoorpanelweiohsmorethan bosomedge 4 pounds (l.8kg). Heavy-duty Door Springs Kit,Part No.
  • Page 29 _) toward the front of the dishwasher.If the door falls open, increasethe spring tension by moving the spring endtoward the back of the back front dishwasher. Springs should be in the parteb'aaera partedelantera arriGre samenotcheson left and right sides. avant...
  • Page 30 Wood access panel -4_---- 23-5/16" (59.2cm) Access panel width is wider than door panel. All edges must be routed to 7/32" (0.56cm) thicknessto fit inside 4-7/16" frame O. 7/32" (0.56)* "upesor **minlmo (0.64cm)*" *4palueur "*minimum Push up with thumbs on each end of access panel top trim _) to unsnap trim.
  • Page 31 It may be necessary to remove the two screws securing top of access panel to dishwasher frame and tilt access panel forward to install some wood panels. Lineup edgesof top trim with sidesof accesspanelframe O.
  • Page 32: Product Dimensions

    ,4-; ,il,-; O) 4} 4,1, * to frontof doorframe * al frentedelmarco de la puerta * jusqo'au devaot do cadrede a porte Pad No.3373977 Rev.A PiezaNo.3373977 RevA. N° de piece3373977 R_v.A 33-7/8" (86cm)rain, (52.7cm),_ Sears,RoebuckandCo.,3333 Beverly Rd.HoffmanEstates,IL 60179 (60.6cm Printed in U.S.A. Impresoen los EE.UU.

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