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For Cold And Snow Weather; Hinges And Latches Lubrication; Additional Equipment - Mitsubishi Outlander 2007 Owner's Manual


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Meter, gauge and indicator/warning lamps
Start the engine and check the operation of all instruments,
gauges and indicator and warning lamps.
If there is anything wrong, we recommend you to have your
vehicle inspected.

Hinges and latches lubrication

Check all latches and hinges, and, if necessary, have them

For cold and snow weather

Ventilation slots
The ventilation slots in front of the windscreen should be
brushed clear after heavy snowfall so that the operation of the
heating and ventilation systems will not be impaired.
To prevent freezing of the weatherstripping on the doors, bon-
net, etc., they should be treated with silicone grease.

Additional equipment

It is a good idea to carry a shovel or a short-handled spade in
the vehicle during the winter so that you can clear away snow
if you get stranded. A small hand-brush for sweeping snow off
the vehicle and a plastic scraper for the windscreen and rear
window are also useful.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents