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Fuel Selection; Filling The Fuel Tank - Mitsubishi Outlander 2007 Owner's Manual


Table of Contents
General information

Fuel selection

Recommended fuel Cetane number 51 or higher
● Your vehicle is designed to use only diesel fuel that
meets the EN 590 standard.
Use of any other type of diesel fuel can adversely
affect the engine.
● When handling fuel, comply with the safety regula-
tions displayed by garages and filling stations.
● Before removing the fuel cap, be sure to get rid of
your body's static electricity by touching a metal
part of the car or fuel pump. Any static electricity on
your body could create a spark that ignites fuel
● Perform the whole refuelling process (opening the
fuel tank filler door, removing the fuel cap, etc.) by
yourself. Do not let any other person come near the
fuel tank filler. If you allowed a person to help you
and that person was carrying static electricity, fuel
vapour could be ignited.
● Do not move away from the fuel tank filler until is
finished. If you moved away and did something else
(for example, cleaning your windscreen) part-way
through the refuelling process, you could pick up a
fresh charge of static electricity.
● If the tank cap must be replaced, use only a
MITSUBISHI MOTORS original part.

Filling the fuel tank


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents