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Hazard Warning Flasher Switch; Fog Lamp Switch - Mitsubishi Outlander 2007 Owner's Manual


Table of Contents
Instruments and controls

Hazard warning flasher switch

Use the hazard warning flasher switch when the vehicle has to
be parked on the road for any emergency.
The hazard warning flashers can always be operated, regard-
less of the position of the ignition switch.
Push the switch to turn on the hazard warning flashers, all turn
signal lamps flash continuously. To turn them off, push the
switch again.
Front fog lamp switch*
The front fog lamps can be operated while the headlamps and
tail lamps are on. Turn the knob in the "ON" direction to turn
on the front fog lamps. An indicator lamp in the instrument
cluster will also come on. Turn the knob in the "OFF" direction
to turn off the front fog lamps. The knob will automatically
return to its original position when you release it.
● The front fog lamps are automatically turned off when the
headlamps and tail lamps are turned off. To turn the front
fog lamps on again, turn the knob in the "ON" direction
after turning on the headlamps and tail lamps.

Fog lamp switch


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents