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If The Vehicle Breaks Down; Emergency Starting - Mitsubishi Outlander 2007 Owner's Manual


Table of Contents
For emergencies

If the vehicle breaks down

If the vehicle breaks down on the road, move it to the shoulder
and use the hazard warning flashers.
Refer to "Hazard warning flasher switch" on page 3-64.
If the engine stops/fails
Vehicle operation and control are affected if the engine stops.
Before moving the vehicle to a safe area be aware of the fol-
● The brake booster becomes inoperative and the pedal
effort will increase. Press down the brake pedal harder
than usual.
● Since the power steering pump is no longer operative, the
steering wheel feels heavy when turning it. Turn the wheel
with more effort than usual.
If the engine cannot be started because the battery is weak or
dead, the battery from another vehicle can be used with jumper
cables to start the engine.
● To start the engine using jumper cables connected to
another vehicle, perform the correct procedures
according to the instruction below. Incorrect proce-
dures could result in a fire or explosion or damage to
the vehicles.
● Do not attempt to start the engine by pulling or
pushing the vehicle.
It could damage your vehicle.
● Always wear protective eye goggles when working
near the battery.
● Keep the battery out of the reach of children.

Emergency starting


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents