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General Maintenance; Exterior And Interior Lamp Operation - Mitsubishi Outlander 2007 Owner's Manual


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4. Firmly insert the retainer (C) into the groove (D) in the
wiper blade.
Refer to the illustration to ensure that the retainers are cor-
rectly aligned as you insert them into the groove.
● If a retainer is not supplied with the new wiper blade, use
the retainer from the old blade.

General maintenance

Fuel, engine coolant, oil and exhaust gas leakage
Look under the body of your vehicle to check for fuel, engine
coolant, oil and exhaust gas leaks.
● If you see a suspicious fuel leak or if you smell fuel,
do not operate the vehicle; call your MITSUBISHI
MOTORS Authorised Service Point for assistance.

Exterior and interior lamp operation

Operate the combination lamp switch to check that all lamps
are functioning properly.
If the lamps do not illuminate, the probable cause is a blown
fuse or defective lamp bulb. Check the fuses first. If there is no
blown fuse, check the lamp bulbs.
For information regarding the inspection and replacement of
the fuses and the bulbs, refer to "Fuses" on page 8-23 and
"Replacement of lamp bulbs" on page 8-35.
If the fuses and bulbs are all OK, we recommend you to have
your vehicle checked and repaired.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents