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10-channel radio control system
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Using a small screwdriver, rotate the adjusting screw for each stick for the desired spring tension. The tension increases
when the adjusting screw is turned clockwise.
board is on its locating pins, then very carefully reinstall the rear cover being mindful to guide the RF module connector
pins through the slot in the case. When the cover is properly in place, reinstall and tighten the four screws. Reinstall the
battery, cover and module.

LCD screen backcolor adjustment:

BACKCOLOR : select LCD screen backcolor,three color included: Black, Blue, Green.
To adjust the display back color, from the home menu, long press the MODE BUTTON.
submenu of parameter.
Changing Modes ( TX SETTING ):
Throttle Reverse: THR-REV is a special function that reverses the entire throttle control, including moving the trim
functionality to the Stick's upper half. To use THR-REV , CURSOR DOWN to THR-REV and turn the DIAL to REV . Turn the
transmitter off and back on. This change affects all models in the radio.
Display language : can be selected the display language of the function name, etc. in each function menu. The screen reads
". Change this to the desired language.
Hold down MODE and END keys while turning on the transmitter to call TX SETTING menu.
Stick Mode: The screen reads " STK-MODE ". Change this to the correct mode. Note that this will
NOT change the throttle and elevator rachets, etc. Those are mechanical changes that must be
done by a service center.
Enter the basic menu, Then select

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Table of Contents

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