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Martin MAC 575 Krypton User Manual

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MAC 575 Krypton
user manual



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  • Page 1 MAC 575 Krypton user manual...
  • Page 2 The Martin logo, the Martin name and all other trademarks in this document pertaining to services or products by Martin Professional A/S or its affiliates and subsidiaries are trade- marks owned or licensed by Martin Professional A/S or its affiliates or subsidiaries.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    If you have questions about how to operate the fixture safely, please contact your Martin dealer or call the Martin 24-hour service hotline at +45 70 200 201.
  • Page 4 • Do not modify the fixture in any way not described in this manual • Install only genuine Martin parts. P R O T E C T I O N F R O M I N J U R Y D U E T O F A L L S •...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Firmware installation ............. . . 28 MAC 575 Krypton DMX protocol .
  • Page 6 Notes...
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Introduction Thank you for selecting the Martin MAC 575 Krypton™. This moving-head spotlight features: • 575 watt short-arc high-output discharge lamp • full-range mechanical dimmer/shutter • two color wheels with a total of 16 color filters including two color temperature correction filters •...
  • Page 8: Ac Power

    Configuring the ballast for AC power The MAC 575 Krypton can be connected to 200-240 V nominal AC mains power at 50 or 60 Hz. The fixture’s power supply unit automatically adapts to voltage and frequency within these ranges. However, wiring to the magnetic ballast must be configured manually to match local power.
  • Page 9: Lamp

    Lamp About the discharge lamp The MAC 575 Krypton is designed for use with the GE CSR 575/S/DE/70 lamp. This highly efficient double-ended short-arc discharge lamp provides a color temperature of 7000 K, a color rendering index greater than 85, and an average lifetime of 750 hours.
  • Page 10 Align the lamp carefully. An excessive hot-spot will damage optical components. 1. Apply power and allow the MAC 575 Krypton to reset. Using either a controller or the control menu, strike the lamp and project an open white beam on a flat surface.
  • Page 11: Dmx Data Link

    Never connect more than 1 data input and 1 data output. The MAC 575 Krypton has both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR sockets for DMX input and output. The pin-out on all sockets is pin 1 to shield, pin 2 to cold (-), and pin 3 to hot (+). There is no connection to pins 4 and 5.
  • Page 12: Rigging

    Rigging The MAC 575 Krypton can be placed on stage or clamped to a truss in any orientation using the clamp bracket mounting points shown in Figure 7. Figure 7: Clamp bracket positions and safety wire attachment point Warning!Always use 2 clamps to rig the fixture. Lock each clamp with both 1/4-turn fasteners. The fasteners are locked only when turned fully clockwise.
  • Page 13: Control Panel

    The DMX address and any status messages (see page 40) are displayed on the control panel when the MAC 575 Krypton is powered on. To enter the menu, press [Menu]. Press [Up] and [Down] to move within the menu. To select a function or submenu, press [Enter]. To escape a function or menu, press [Menu].
  • Page 14: Readouts

    To reset an increment counter, display it and then press [Up]  until it reads T e m p e r a t u r e →   provides temperature readouts for the head, lamp, PCB and power supply in Celsius and Fahrenheit. MAC 575 Krypton...
  • Page 15: Service Messages

    F i r m w a r e v e r s i o n →   displays the version number of the installed firmware. The firmware version is also displayed briefly at startup. D M X  The DMX log ( ) menu provides useful information for troubleshooting control problems.
  • Page 16 S o f t w a r e u p l o a d →   The upload mode command ( ) prepares the fixture for a software update. This command is not normally necessary, as upload mode is engaged automatically by the uploader. MAC 575 Krypton...
  • Page 17: Effects

    Effects This section describes the effects that can be controlled via DMX in the MAC 575 Krypton. The MAC 575 Krypton has two DMX operating modes, 16-bit basic and 16-bit extended. The extended mode requires six more DMX channels than the basic mode and provides all features of the basic mode plus fine control of the dimmer, both color wheels, iris, focus and zoom.
  • Page 18: Rotating Gobos

    T r a c k i n g v e r s u s v e c t o r c o n t r o l Important! Effect movement may be rough and unpredictable if controller fade times are combined with vector speed values. The speed channels provide two methods for controlling speed that are known as “tracking” and “vector”. MAC 575 Krypton...
  • Page 19 With tracking control, the speed at which effects move is determined by a cross-fade time programmed on the controller. With this method, the controller divides a movement into tiny steps that the fixture “tracks”. Tracking control is enabled via the speed channel for the effect concerned. With vector control, speed is set with a DMX value on the speed channel.
  • Page 20: Optical Configuration

    The MAC 575 Krypton features two color wheels, each with 8 interchangeable dichroic color filters and an open position. As standard the MAC 575 Krypton is supplied with 15 color filters and a CTC (color temperature control) filter installed. The illustration shows the filter positions as seen from the lamp side.
  • Page 21: Gobos

    C u s t o m g o b o s Martin can provide many additional gobos for the MAC 575 Krypton. Gobos are interchangeable between MAC 500, MAC 550, MAC 575 and MAC 700 fixtures. For more information, please visit the Martin website at
  • Page 22 Focus is easiest to maintain if all coated gobos in a fixture are installed with their coatings as close as possible to the same plane of focus. The coated gobos in the MAC 575 Krypton are factory-installed in this position. However, if there is an unusually high risk of heat damage on a custom coated gobo, the first priority is normally to ensure that more reflective sides face towards the lamp.
  • Page 23 To repl ace rotating gobos Important! The gobo can fall out if the spring is inserted backwards. 1. Disconnect the fixture from power and allow it to cool. 2. Position the head upside down and remove the bottom head cover. Turn the gobo wheel to the desired position. Grasp the holder by the teeth and pull the holder lightly towards the front lens to release the holder and remove it from the wheel.
  • Page 24: Service And Maintenance

    To maximize the life of the MAC 575 Krypton and protect the investment it represents, clean the fixture regularly – especially the cooling systems – following the guidelines in this section.
  • Page 25 3. Remove the front lens by twisting one quarter-turn counter-clockwise. Figure 14: Releasing top and bottom covers and removing front lens 4. Position the head top side up so that you have access through the top. Holding the zoom lens by its base, slide it out it to its limit at the front of the fixture as shown in Figure 15.
  • Page 26: Cleaning

    Cleaning schedules for lighting fixtures vary greatly depending on the operating environment. It is therefore impossible to specify precise cleaning intervals for the MAC 575 Krypton. Cooling fans suck in airborne dust and smoke particles, and in extreme cases fixtures may require cleaning after surprisingly few hours of operation.
  • Page 27: Lubrication

    DANGER! Disconnect from power before opening covers. Replace fuses with ones of the same type and rating only. Never bypass or bridge a fuse. The MAC 575 Krypton is protected by a 10 amp slow blow main fuse located in a fuseholder next to the power input connector on the connections plate.
  • Page 28: Replacing The Lamp Socket

    The following are required in order to install fixture software. • The latest version of the MAC 575 Krypton software in the form of an MU3 file, available for download from the User Support Area of the Martin web site (
  • Page 29: Mac 575 Krypton Dmx Protocol

    MAC 575 Krypton DMX protocol 16-bit 16-bit Basic Extended Mode Mode DMX Value Percent Function Shutter, strobe, reset, lamp on/off 0 - 19 0 - 7 Shutter closed *If disabled in the control menu, Reset 20 - 49 8 - 19 Shutter open Strobe, fast →...
  • Page 30 87 - 94 Random color 241 - 245 95 - 96 Fast 246 - 250 97 - 98 Medium 251 - 255 99 - 100 Slow 0 - 255 0 - 100 Color Wheel 1 fine (LSB) MAC 575 Krypton...
  • Page 31 87 - 94 Random color 241 - 245 95 - 96 Fast 246 - 250 97 - 98 Medium 251 - 255 99 - 100 Slow 0 - 255 0 - 100 Color Wheel 2 fine (LSB) MAC 575 Krypton DMX protocol...
  • Page 32 CCW, fast → slow 128 - 252 51 - 99 253 - 255 No rotation 0 - 255 0 - 100 Rotating gobo, fine indexing (LSB) If indexed gobo is selected on channel 5 (basic) or 8 (extended) MAC 575 Krypton...
  • Page 33 90 - 94 244 - 246 95 - 96 Random opening pulse, fast 247 - 249 Random opening pulse, slow 250 - 252 98 - 99 Random closing pulse, fast 253 - 255 Random closing pulse, slow MAC 575 Krypton DMX protocol...
  • Page 34 (menu override)   249 - 251 Normal, (menu override) 252 - 255 99 - 100 Blackout while moving Prism 0 - 251 0 - 98 Normal (no blackout) 252 - 255 99 - 100 Blackout while moving MAC 575 Krypton...
  • Page 35: Control Menu

    Control menu Menu Item Options Notes (Default settings in bold print)   – (16-bit basic)  DMX address (new fixtures are supplied with address set to 1)   – (16-bit extended) 16-bit basic DMX mode with 2-channel (coarse and fine) control of ...
  • Page 36 Gobo wheel 2 scroll: CW and CCW; fast, medium, slow and   – random   Gobo wheel 2 random scroll: fast, medium and slow –    Gobo macros 1 - 3 – Table 2: Control menu MAC 575 Krypton...
  • Page 37 Menu Item Options Notes (Default settings in bold print)  Prism off   Prism on, no rotation   Prism on: rotation CW and CCW; fast, medium and slow – Iris diameter: Press [Enter], then use up and down arrows to select ...
  • Page 38: Adjustment Submenu

    Move pan and tilt to neutral positions  Pan neutral, tilt down  Pan neutral, tilt up   Pan left, tilt neutral  Pan right, tilt neutral  Pan left, tilt down  Pan right, tilt up Table 3: Adjustment submenu MAC 575 Krypton...
  • Page 39: Control Menu Shortcuts

    Control menu shortcuts The following shortcuts are available using the buttons in the MAC 575 Krypton control panel: Shortcut Function Hold [Menu] and press [Up] Resets fixture Hold [Enter] and press [Up] Strikes lamp Hold [Enter] and press [Down] Douses lamp...
  • Page 40: Display Messages

    ...the fixture is below the minimum  while to generate a little internal heat. temperature for the lamp to strike. Increase the ambient temperature. Contact Martin service personnel for  (Memory error) ...the EEPROM memory cannot be read. assistance. ...
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting

    Message Appears when... What to do Contact Martin service personnel for  ...there is an onboard RAM memory error. assistance. Contact Martin service personnel for  ...there is an onboard programming error. assistance. Table 6: Display messages Troubleshooting Problem Probable cause(s)
  • Page 42: Circuit Board Connections

    Circuit board connections MAC 575 Krypton...
  • Page 43: Specifications

    Receiver............Opto-isolated RS-485 Firmware update ...Upload via DMX link (Martin Universal USB/DMX Interface recommended) C O N S T R U C T I O N Colors .
  • Page 44 MAC 575 Krypton™ Low Noise, black, in cardboard packing case..... P/N 90216100 MAC 575 Krypton™, white, in cardboard packing case......P/N 90216030...
  • Page 45 Parliament and of the Council of the European Union on WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), as amended by Directive 2003/108/EC, where applicable. Help preserve the environment! Ensure that this product is recycled at the end of its life. Your supplier can give details of local arrangements for the disposal of Martin products.