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Martin MAC 500 Service Manual

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MAC 500
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  • Page 1 MAC 500 s er vi ce m anu al...
  • Page 2 © 1997, 1998 Martin Professional A/S, Denmark. All rights reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from Martin Professional A/S, Denmark. Printed in Denmark. P/N 511000 Revision #980803-MA...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    OFTWARE ..........................22 section 6 AJOR ARDWARE HANGES ..........................24 section 7 YPICAL PARE ARTS 911360-000000 MAC 500 ; 230V,50H ; ; MSR 575 ; B ....26 IN CARDBOARD LACK section 8 LOCK IAGRAM ..........................29 03-08-1998 MAC 500...
  • Page 4: About This Manual

    A list of distributors is maintained on the Martin Professional web site. • Technical assistance is also available 24 hours a day from the Martin Service Hotline. The number is +45 70 200 201. In the United States call 1-888-TECH-180.
  • Page 5: Dditional Cautions

    1 . 3 . 2 I N D U C T I V E L O A D S Always power off the MAC 500 before connecting or disconnecting any of the step motors. Otherwise, damage to the motor drivers may occur.
  • Page 6: Parts Removal And Installation

    Two types of Loctite are in use, and are available from Martin Professional. Set screws securing wheels to motor shafts are secured with the lighter, green, Loctite 290 (P/N 400533). All other screws are treated with the heavier, blue, Loctite 243 (P/N 400531).
  • Page 7 Figure 2-1 Remove the tilt-sensor circuit board. Remove the bottom row of 5 screws from both sides of the yoke base and lift off the yoke. 2 . 3 . 3 I N S T A L L Y O K E O N B A S E Set the base on a work table with the circuit-board side facing you.
  • Page 8: Olor Wheel Module

    The rotating-gobo wheel does not normally require adjustment after replacement. 2 . 5 . 4 R E M O V E F I X E D G O B O W H E E L Remove the rotating-gobo wheel. MAC 500 1998-08-03...
  • Page 9 E P L A C E R O T A T I N G G O B O B E A R I N G If the bearing requires lubrication, use silicone lubricant, available from Martin in 0.5 liter containers as P/N 400119. Clean the bearing thoroughly before lubricating.
  • Page 10: Immer Module

    O T A T I N G P R I S M M O D U L E 2 . 7 . 1 R E M O V E M O D U L E Remove the gobo module. MAC 500 1998-08-03...
  • Page 11: Focus Module

    Position the focus module and insert the slide pins. Tighten the set screws. Fill a syringe with Martin P/N 400003 synthetic, high-temperature oil. No other lubricant is approved for use. Apply a few drops of oil to both slides. Be careful not to get oil on the drive belt or other parts.
  • Page 12: Ilt Modules

    E M O V E C I R C U I T B O A R D Unplug the connectors from the top of the circuit board. Lifting by the 2 black pins on the ends, pull the board partially out. Unplug remaining connectors and remove the board. MAC 500 1998-08-03...
  • Page 13: Pan Assembly

    T I N G J U M P E R S 1. Position the jumpers for the desired XLR pin-out on PL 233/234 as shown in Figure 2-5. Martin pin-out DMX pin-out Position the jumper on PL 121 for the desired boot setting (default) as shown in Figure 2-5.
  • Page 14: Allast Transformer Assembly Magnetic Ballast Models )

    Remove the main circuit board. Remove the handle from the fan end, and remove the 4 screws from the power input/serial link panel. Remove the screws holding the side profile at the fan end. Unplug and remove the fan. Installation is the reverse of the above. MAC 500 1998-08-03...
  • Page 15: Control Module

    2 . 14 C O N T RO L M O D U L E 2 . 1 4 . 1 R E P L A C E Remove the main circuit board. Remove the 4 nuts from the back of the control panel and remove the control panel.
  • Page 16: Adjustment

    N D EX I N G M E T H O D S Effects indexing in the MAC 500 is determined by one of three methods. The adjustment procedure for the effect depends on its indexing method. The lamp must be properly adjusted before the alignment of the other effects can be adequately judged. Refer to procedure 3.11.
  • Page 17: Otating Gobo Wheel Mechanical Index )

    Center the effect in the light path. Begin by visually centering the effect with the lamp off. Then strike the lamp and focus the beam on a flat surface to confirm proper alignment. Adjust if necessary and then tighten both set screws.
  • Page 18: Hutter Dimmer Mechanical Index )

    Using a controller or the control panel, tilt the head until a set screw is accessible from above. Tighten the set screw with a 2 mm Allen wrench. Tilt the head a few degrees until the second set screw is accessible. Tighten. MAC 500 1998-08-03...
  • Page 19: Optimizing Lamp Alignment

    Replace the lamp-socket assembly. Switch on the MAC 500 and wait until the reset has finished. Using either a controller or the control panel, turn on the lamp and focus the light on a flat surface. Center the hot-spot (the brightest part of the image) by using the three adjustment screws. Turn one screw at a time to drag the hot-spot diagonally across the projected image.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Martin about. The problem is fixed in software from version 1.6. • Missing or incorrectly set jumper: The MAC 500 has a jumper on the PCB to configure the pin-out of the XLR jacks. The default configuration is DMX pin-out, i.e., pin-2 (-) and pin-3 (+). The fixture will not respond to DMX if the jumper is miss- ing or set to Martin protocol.
  • Page 21: Olor Wheels

    the lamp circuit on, measure the voltage across the heavy blue and black wires at the connection block. The reading should be the same as the AC line voltage when the lamp is off. If there is no voltage, but the relay “clicks,” the relay contacts are defective.
  • Page 22: Gobos

    • A bug in versions 1.3 and before causes the DMX signal on a random channel to be misinterpreted for a fraction of a second, after which normal control returns. This is only seen with certain controllers, for example the Strand 520, and can affect any MAC 500 1998-08-03...
  • Page 23: Pan / Tilt

    effect but is most visible when it affects the shutter. Install version 1.4. 4 . 8 . 2 S H U T T E R D I M M E R L O S E S S T E P C A U S I N G L I G H T L E A K A G E W H E N C L O S E D •...
  • Page 24: Software Log

    New menu SPEC->dRES (DMX reset disable). When OFF, reset via DMX is only possible if color wheel 1 is at color 9 and color wheel 2 is at color 6. • New menu dMAC (DMX Macros) that allows disabling of all DMX-selectable macros and pulsating effects. MAC 500 1998-08-03...
  • Page 25 Version & Date Changes • DMX protocol version 2 implemented. • Martin protocol implemented. • 65 combined colors implemented on one DMX channel. • Random pulsating dimmer and iris implemented. • Pulsating dimming implemented. 97/10/1 • New demo program "dEM2" implemented: pan and tilt limits and partially random sequences may be programmed.
  • Page 26: Major Hardware Changes

    The new belt has part number 372301. Balance plates The achromatic lenses now being used in the MAC 500 are heavier than the first lenses used. To counterbalance the additional weight, two 3 mm thick steel plates are being fastened to the top and bottom of the lamp housing, just in front of the quarter-turn fasteners.
  • Page 27 Changes New head shell The plastic in the shell of the MAC 500 head was changed to another type that withstands higher tem- peratures and has better heat conduction properties. The new shell may be identified by the embossed Martin logo and by the number of ventilation slots over the lamp housing: the old shell has four slots (9 mm wide) and the new shell has 6 slots (3 mm wide).
  • Page 28: Typical Spare Parts

    ; ; M SR I N C A R D B O A RD 57 5 ; B L A CK 180010-010000 MAC 500/600, Keyboard Overlay 220025-000000 6N137 Opto photo IC 226202-000000 75C176 BiCMOS RS485 Transceiver 226308-000000 Dual Microstep Driver, PBL 3772N, DIP...
  • Page 29 373968-000000 Spring for goboguide, new, MAC 500 373997-000000 Spring D=10 l=48 d=1.25 374057-000000 Plastic Housing for Bearing 61806 374058-000000 Plastic toothwheel, T2,5 for MAC 500 Iris 374083-020000 Plastic cover for yoke , MAC500/600 374997-000000 MAC 1200 Diffusion filter Pyrex 90x90x3.5 mm.
  • Page 30 817825-000000 Timing pulley l=17mm, with tacho-wheel, Tilt 818023-000000 Timingwheel MXL, 20tooth, w. flanges 818027-000000 Sleeve flexible ,hose 5mm, black; l=700 845426-000000 PCB MAC 500 motherboard, Programmed, Main CPU v. 1.5, Feedback CPU v. 1.0 846220-000000 PCB MAC 500/600, display/keyboard, programmed CPU MCI079-000000 Iris 49mm, cut...
  • Page 31: Block Diagram

    s e c t i o n 8 BL O CK D IAGR AM 1998-08-03 Block Diagram...