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Martin MAC 350 Entour User Manual

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MAC 350 Entour
user manual



  Summary of Contents for Martin MAC 350 Entour

  • Page 1 MAC 350 Entour user manual...
  • Page 2: Dimensions

    The Martin logo, the Martin name and all other trademarks in this document pertaining to services or products by Martin Professional A/S or its affiliates and subsidiaries are trade- marks owned or licensed by Martin Professional A/S or its affiliates or subsidiaries.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    If you have questions about how to operate the fixture safely, please contact your Martin supplier or call the Martin 24-hour service hotline on +45 8740 0000, or in the USA on 1-888-tech-180.
  • Page 4 • Do not modify the fixture in any way not described in this manual • Install only genuine Martin parts. P R O T E C T I O N F R O M I N J U R Y •...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Circuit board layout ..............31 MAC 350 Entour DMX protocol .
  • Page 6 Notes MAC 350 Entour user manual...
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Introduction Thank you for selecting the MAC 350 Entour™, an intelligent lighting fixture from Martin Professional™. This moving-head spotlight features: • Seven Luminus CBT-90 (50 W) LEDs • Minimum LED lifetime: 60 000 hours (to >70% luminous output, manufacturer’s figure under manufacturer’s test conditions, see “Service and maintenance”...
  • Page 8: Using For The First Time

    MAC 350 Entour. Before applying power to the fixture: • Check the Martin Professional website at for the most recent software, user documentation, technical information and product specifications for the MAC 350 Entour. Martin user manual revisions are identified by the letter at the bottom of page 2.
  • Page 9: Ac Power

    (not supplied) with a power plug suitable for local power output sockets can be used to supply the fixture with AC mains power. The MAC 350 Entour can be supplied with AC mains power by connecting to one of the following three-wire systems: •...
  • Page 10: Mains Fuses

    WARNING! Replace fuses with ones of the same type and rating only. WARNING! Double-pole/neutral fusing. The MAC 350 Entour is protected by two 10 amp slow-blow mains fuses located in fuseholders next to the power input connector. See “Fuse replacement” on page 29 for details of accessing and changing the fuse.
  • Page 11: Data Link

    Data link A data link is required in order to control a MAC 350 Entour via DMX or synchronize fixtures in stand-alone operation. The MAC 350 Entour has 5-pin XLR connectors for DMX data input and output. The pin-out on all connectors is pin 1 = shield, pin 2 = cold (-), and pin 3 = hot (+).
  • Page 12: Physical Installation

    Physical installation The MAC 350 Entour can be placed on a horizontal surface such as a stage or clamped to a truss in any orientation. The quarter-turn clamp bracket mounting points in the base of the fixture allow clamp brackets to be fastened parallel or perpendicular to the front of the fixture.
  • Page 13 6.Check that the head will not collide with other fixtures or objects. Allow a minimum center-to-center distance of 400 mm (15.8 ins.) minimum between Figure 3: Safety cable attachment point MAC 350 Entour fixtures. Physical installation...
  • Page 14: Setup

    WARNING! Read “Safety Information” on page 3 before installing, powering, operating or servicing the MAC 350 Entour. Control panel and menu navigation The DMX address and any status messages are shown in the display when the MAC 350 Entour is powered A – Four-character LED display B – Service indicator LED C –...
  • Page 15: Dmx Address And Protocol

    Depending on the selected DMX mode, the MAC 350 Entour requires 14 or 17 DMX channels. 8-bit mode uses 14 channels and provides coarse control of all effects. 16-bit mode uses 17 channels and provides the 8-bit mode features plus fine control of gobo rotation, pan and tilt.
  • Page 16: Readouts

    LED PCB respectively. In each case, CURR displays the current temperature. MSR displays the maximum temperature since the log was reset, and MR displays the maximum temperature recorded since manufacture. MR is non-resettable. MAC 350 Entour user manual...
  • Page 17: Manual Control

    The TEST menu lets you test the fixture’s effects and pan/tilt without a controller. Note that TEST→PCBT provides routines for circuit board testing that are for service use by Martin only. The DMX log (DMXL) menu provides useful information for troubleshooting control problems.
  • Page 18: Led Indicators

    At the same time, a message will appear in the display indicating the type of service required. The Service LED blinks when the fixture is in factory service mode. MAC 350 Entour user manual...
  • Page 19: Effects

    Effects This section describes the effects available in the MAC 350 Entour. Details of controlling effects via DMX or programming effects in stand-alone operation are covered in the relevant sections later in this manual. Electronic shutter effect The electronic shutter effect provides instant open and blackout as well as variable speed regular and random strobe, opening/closing pulse effects, music triggered operation and fading.
  • Page 20 For example, if you have four MAC 350 Entour fixtures side by side and you set the first fixture to run macro 1.1, the next fixture to run macro 1.2, the next to run macro 1.3 and the last to run macro 1.4, and you start...
  • Page 21: Dmx Operation

    8- and 16-bit control The MAC 350 Entour has two DMX operating modes, 8-bit and 16-bit. 16-bit mode uses three more DMX channels than 8-bit mode and provides all the features of 8-bit mode plus fine control of rotating gobo, pan and tilt.
  • Page 22: Stand-Alone Operation

    WARNING! Read “Safety Information” on page 3 before installing, powering, operating or servicing the MAC 350 Entour. This section describes how to program and run stand-alone light shows on the MAC 350 Entour without a See the SA menu under “Control menu” on page 37 for a table listing stand-alone controller.
  • Page 23: Synchronized Master/Slave Operation

    Instead of programming effects in stand-alone scenes manually via the control panel, it is possible to apply effects to the MAC 350 Entour using a DMX controller, then use the GDMX menu in the control panel to capture all the applied effects and save them in a scene in the MAC 350 Entour’s stand-alone show.
  • Page 24 Note that in the following example, the scenes in the slave run out of their programmed sequence because scenes 0 and 2 on the slave are longer than the corresponding scenes on the master. M=master, S=slave F=fade, W=wait Time > Programmed Master Slave Result Master Slave .. F MAC 350 Entour user manual...
  • Page 25: Service And Maintenance

    Service electronic components at a static-safe workstation only. To maximize the life of the MAC 350 Entour and protect the investment it represents, the user will need to clean the fixture periodically, and it is also possible for the user to change color filters, rotating gobos, mains fuses and update the firmware.
  • Page 26: Gobos

    Gobos The gobos fitted to the MAC 350 Entour as standard are illustrated in Figure 6 on page 19. All gobos are interchangeable. Custom gobos Martin can provide additional gobos for the MAC 350 Entour. For more information, please visit the Martin web site at
  • Page 27: Effects Access Hatch And Changing Gobos And Filters

    Effects access hatch and changing gobos and filters WARNING! Hot surfaces. The MAC 350 Entour becomes hot in use. Either dim LEDs to zero and allow to cool for 20 minutes or wear clean lint-free heat-resistant gloves before opening the access hatch.
  • Page 28: Calibrating Effects

    3. Pan calibration is easiest when multiple fixtures are stacked vertically. To calibrate, set tilt positions for easy one-over-the-other comparison and set each fixture to the same pan DMX value. Select one fixture MAC 350 Entour user manual...
  • Page 29: Cleaning

    WARNING! Disconnect from power before opening covers. Replace fuses with ones of the same type and rating only. Never bypass or bridge a fuse. The MAC 350 Entour™ is protected by two 10 AT (slow-blow) mains fuses located in fuseholders next to the power cable entry (see Figure 1 on page 8).
  • Page 30: Firmware Installation

    The following are required in order to install fixture software: • The latest version of the MAC 350 Entour firmware in the form of an MU3 file, available for download from the User Support Area of the Martin web site at •...
  • Page 31: Circuit Board Layout

    Figure 12: Main PCB and DIP switch The MAC 350 Entour has a large fan on the back of the head. Two types of this fan are installed at the factory, one with 2 and one with 3 wires. Airflow, cooling effect and noise levels are exactly the same for both types of fan.
  • Page 32: Mac 350 Entour Dmx Protocol

    MAC 350 Entour DMX protocol 8-bit 16-bit mode mode DMX Value Percent Function Electronic shutter effect, strobe (snap) 0 - 19 0 - 7 Shutter closed 20 - 49 8 - 19 Shutter open Strobe 1, fast → slow 50 - 64...
  • Page 33 Random opening pulse, fast → slow 244 - 249 95 - 97 Random closing pulse, fast → slow 250 - 255 98 - 100 Focus (fade) Infinity → 2 meters 0 - 255 0 - 100 Table 3: DMX Protocol MAC 350 Entour DMX protocol...
  • Page 34 228 - 233 89 - 91 Macro 10.2 234 - 239 92 - 94 Macro 10.3 240 - 245 94 - 96 Macro 10.4 246 - 255 96 - 100 Reserved (no effect) Table 3: DMX Protocol MAC 350 Entour user manual...
  • Page 35 Tracking mode Vector mode, fast → slow 3 - 245 1 - 95 246 - 251 96 - 98 Reserved for future use 252 - 255 99 - 100 Blackout while moving Table 3: DMX Protocol MAC 350 Entour DMX protocol...
  • Page 36 Raw output (maximum possible, non-calibrated) 150 - 154 58 - 59 No function 155 - 249 60 - 97 Reserved for future use 250 - 255 98 - 100 Illuminate display Table 3: DMX Protocol MAC 350 Entour user manual...
  • Page 37: Control Menu

    Control menu Menu Item Options Notes (Default settings in bold print) DMX address (default address = 1). Limited to 496 in 16-bit DMX ADDR – mode. 8-bit DMX mode PSET 16-bit DMX mode with 2-channel (coarse and fine) control of 16BT gobo rotation, pan and tilt PTSP...
  • Page 38 Highest recorded LED PCB temperature (non-resettable) CURR Current LED power Highest LED power since LED power log reset (to reset, display log LPWR and press [Up] for 5 secs.) Highest recorded LED power (non-resettable) Table 4: Control menu MAC 350 Entour user manual...
  • Page 39 Menu Item Options Notes (Default settings in bold print) 9999 service timer in hours. To reset timer to zero, press [Up] TOTL AIRF for 5 secs. INFO 2000 1000 STTM Set service timer alert: (default = (contd.) Displays fixture’s unique RDM ID SNUM SNUM Displays fixture’s serial number...
  • Page 40: Dmx Capture Menu

    Insert the scene currently being sent by DMX before the current scene. Table 5: DMX capture menu Control panel shortcuts The following shortcuts are available using the buttons in the MAC 350 Entour control panel: Shortcut Function Hold [Menu] and press [Up]...
  • Page 41: Adjustment Submenu

    Adjustment submenu The SERV ADJ menu is for use by service technicians when performing adjustments. Item Options Notes Reset fixture Run test sequence on all effects. For use by service technicians TEST only ON S Color wheel at sensor position OPEN Color wheel at open position C1 - C8...
  • Page 42: Display Messages

    (Driver error, drivers 1 - 7) DPER (Display programming error) ...there is a display error. SL1E - SL7E ...a sensor reports that it is short-circuited or open. (Sensor error, sensors 1 - 7) Table 6: Display messages MAC 350 Entour user manual...
  • Page 43: Troubleshooting

    Fixture displays when A checksum error has occurred. Upload new software using the boot mode upload powered on. procedure. Contact Martin for service if problem persists. Mechanical effect loses Mechanical train requires cleaning, Contact Martin for service. position. adjustment, or lubrication.
  • Page 44: Specifications

    Recommended metal........Aluminum (steel for temporary use only) MAC 350 Entour user manual...
  • Page 45 Construction Color ................Black Housing .
  • Page 46 MAC 350 Entour, black, in cardboard box ........
  • Page 48 • Olof Palmes Allé 18 • 8200 Aarhus N • Denmark Tel: +45 8740 0000 • Fax +45 8740 0010...