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Troubleshooting Tips And Home Maintenance; Won't Cool; Won't Heat; Frosting Of The Indoor Coil - Fujitsu ASU9CQ Operating Manual

Heat&coqling model (reverse cycle) room air conditioner wall mounted
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Table of Contents
Troubleshooting tips and home maintenance
Won't cool
If the unit operates, but won't cool, determine if the controls are
properly set. Wait three minutes before setting the thermostat to a
cooler position in order to check control settings. Check the filter and
clean it thoroughly, if needed. Check to see if the vent door is closed.
Check to see if the chassis seal gasket is properly installed (refer to
page 14 for seal gasket installation).
Won't heat (for heat/cool models only)
Ifthe unitoperates, but won't heat, determine ifthe control settings are
correct. Adjust the thermostat to a warmer position to determine if it
operates. Also, check the filter and clean it thoroughly, if needed.
Odors in heating (for heat/cool models only)
You may notice asmoke odor the first time the heater element comes
on. This is common in any type of heat system when first turned on
for the winter. The odor comes from dust and other particles that
accumulate during the warm months. The odor will dissipate quick/yo
Won't run
If the unit fails to operate, check to see if the power cord is firmly
plugged in. Check for blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers or a
tripped LCDI Device (Refer to LCDI reset instructions in the Power
cord information section). Restore the circuit breaker or replace the
blown fuse with aproper size "TIME-DELAY" fuse. The proper fuse
size is shown on pages 4and 7in these instructions. After restoring
the current supply to the unit, wait three minutes before restarting.
Frosting of the indoor coil
Certain operating conditions may produce indoor coil frost. During
the cooling operation, a dirty filter or restricted air distribution in
combination with cool, damp weather could cause such an occurrence.
Should the indoor coil frost over while cooling, set the control to FAN
and keep it running until the frost on the coil is gone. Setting the
thermostat to a slightly warmer position will probably keep the coil
from frosting over again.
Cleaning the decorative front
The decorative front of your Friedrich room air conditioner, as well
as the complete cabinet, may be cleaned with warm water and mild
detergent. Under adverse operating conditions, the indoor and outdoor
coils and base pan may require periodic cleaning to maintain efficient
operation. Your Friedrich dealer should be called when this service
is required.
1~ VA'j~\nt\'H~~Q;
Electrical Shock Hazard
Disconnect power before servicing.
Replace all parts and panels before operating.
Failure to do so can result in death or
electrical shock.
"rhings to know about a WallMaster heat pump
During the heat pump operation, you may notice some functions that did not occur when the unit was used for cooling:
1. It is common for ice to form on the outdoor coil of your Wall Master Heat Pump. The ice forms due to moisture in the outdoor
air passing over cold (beloW freezing) coil surfaces.
2. When the outdoor coil forms ice, your heat pump will automatically initiate adefrost. The compressor will stop and the fan will
continue to run. The electric heat will be turned on to continue warming the room while the outdoor air defrosts the outdoor
coil. After the defrost is completed, the unit will automatically return to the heat pump mode.
3. It is normal for vapor (steam) to rise from the outdoor coil during the defrost. This is similar to expelling warm breath on a
cold morning.
4. If the outdoor temperature drops below 43"F during heat pump operation, your Wall Master Heat Pump will automatically
switch to electric resistance heat and will continue to operate in this mode as long as the outdoor temperature remains at
43"F or below.

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Table of Contents

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