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Wallmaster Chassis Installation Instructions; Ws, We And Wy Models - Fujitsu ASU9CQ Operating Manual

Heat&coqling model (reverse cycle) room air conditioner wall mounted
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Table of Contents
WallMaster chassis installation instructions for WS, WE and WY models
(WSC-A sleeve)
These instructions are provided for installation of WallMaster air
conditioner chassis models into thru-the-wall sleeves. This chassis
has been UL approved with the sleeve listed on the serial nameplate
of this chassis. Important warranty information is provided on pages
17 and 18. Keep these instructions in a convenient location for any
warranty service that may be required.
STEP 1 Check the sleeve to be certain tt has been correcHy installed
in the wall. Remove the corrugated front panel on the WSC
SLEEVE. Remove the rear WEATHER PANEL. Reverse
grille. Place lower edge into sleeve tab (Friedrich logo facing
out). Align slots with screw holes. Secure grille with screws.
Check the anchor screws. There should be four
(4) in the WSC SLEEVE (two in each side).
Determine ifthe sleeve has adownward slope,
to the outside, of % bubble on a level. See
page 10 for further details.
Check to be sure the sleeve has been sealed
around all edges with an industrial type
caulking on both the outside and inside to
prevent rain entry.
A sleeve sealing gasket has been provided
in the chassis shipping carton. Remove it
from the carton, peel the protective coating
from the adhesive, and install it in the sleeve
(adhesive down).
Figure 9
Check the electrical receptacle to see that it conforms to
the requirements for the chassis model to be installed.
See pages 2and 5, for the receptacle requirements.
The decorative front is packaged in aseparate box inside
the chassis shipping carton, between the chassis and
the carton. Remove this box and set the box aside until
With the help of an assistant, remove the chassis from
the shipping carton. Be careful not to allow anything to
impact against the hairpins as this may result in damage
to them. With the help of an assistant, lift the chassis by
the basepan and slide it into the sleeve until it contacts
the rear grille. With the chassis in proper position, the
front edge of the basepan must extend out 4
from the front (side) edge of sleeve.
Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people when
instaning your air conditioner.
Failure to do so can result in
back or other injury.
Although great care has been
taken to minimize sharp edges
in the construction of your unit,
use gloves or other hand
protection when handling unit.
Failure to
so can result in minor
to moderate personal inJury.

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Table of Contents

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