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Air Cleaning Operation; Air Cleaning - Fujitsu ASU9CQ Operating Manual

Heat&coqling model (reverse cycle) room air conditioner wall mounted
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If you wish to eliminate dirt,dust,cigarette smoke, pollen, or just simply purify the
air of the room, use the Air Cleaning Mode.
Press the START/STOP button (Fig. 6 @).
The operation indicator lamp will light up (red, as shown in the figurel.
the unit is already in operation, please proceed to step 2.)
Press the AIR CLEAN button (Fig. 6 @).
The AIR CLEAN indicator lamp (Fig. 3
will light up (green, as shown in
• Air conditioning and Air Cleaning will function simultaneously.
If you wish to stop Air Clean
Press the AIR CLEAN button (Fig. 6
once again.
The AIR CLEAN indicator lamp (green) will switch off (as shown in the figure).
• This will only stop the Air Cleaning, the air conditioner will continue operating.
( To also stop the air conditioner
Press the START/STOP button (Fig. 6 @).
The operation indicator lamp (Fig. 3
will go out (red, as shown in the figurel.
• The next time the START / STOP button (Fig. 6
is pressed air conditioning
and air cleaning will both resume operating.
• During operation, the unit produces a small amount of ozone that can be smelled.
• When this unit is used in combination with the ultrasonic humidifier, white
particles may become attached to the plasma filter unit. Ifthis happens, clean the
plasma filter unit as soon as possible. (Refer to page 14.)
• The air cleaning operation cannot remove gases such as carbon monoxide and
alcohol from the air. During operation, ventilate the room often to prevent as ­
phyxiation or suffocation.
• If the intake filter is removed during operation, a safety device will stop the
operation of the plasma filter unit. If this happens, the air clean indicator lamp
(green) on the indoor unit will flash after some time has passed. Use the STARTI
STOP button on the remote controller to stop the operation, install the intake
filter, and then use the START/STOP button to restart the operation.
• Use the FAN CONTROL button to change the fan speed. (Refer to page 6.) The
plasma filter unit operates most effectively at the highest fan speed.
• The air clean indicator lamp will flash to inform you that the periodic cleaning of
the plasma filter unit is required. (Refer to page 14.)

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Table of Contents

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