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Electrical Data - Fujitsu ASU9CQ Operating Manual

Heat&coqling model (reverse cycle) room air conditioner wall mounted
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Table of Contents
WELCOME to years of economical comfort
Electrical Data
. PI1,I9 lYP!1
WS08, WS10, WS14
NEMANo. 5-15P
250V-i5 AMP
WEi0,WEi3, WEi6,
NEMA No. 6-20P
WYi0, WYi3
Electrical Shock Hazard
Make sure your electrical receptacle has the
same configuration as your air conditioner's
plug. H different, consult a Licensed Electrician.
Do not use plug adapters.
Do not use an extension cord.
Do not remove ground prong.
Always plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in
death, fire, or electrical shock.
Your new Friedrich Room Air Conditioner has been carefully
engineered and manufactured to give you many years of dependable,
efficient operation, keeping your room at a comfortable temperature
and humidity level. Many extra features have been built into your
Friedrich Room Air Conditioner to assure quiet operation, greatest
circulation of cool, dry air, most flexible selection of function controls,
and high economy of operation.
There are many things you can do in and around your home to save
more money - and even increase the efficiency and long life of your
Friedrich unit. Here are afew examples:
How to Set Thermostat: When you first tum on your air
conditioner, selectthe highestfan speed and set the thermostat
to its coldest position to cool the room. When the desired
temperature is reached, tum the thermostat control toward
·warmer" until the compressor goes off. The thermostat
will then cause the compressor to go on and off to maintain
this selected temperature. You can adjust the fan speed for
optimum air circulation.
2. Do not block the flow of air to and from the unit - make sure the
louvers are directed to give even distribution of air throughout
the room. Caution: If air is obstructed and/or deflected back
into the air conditioner, this may cause the unit to cycle on and
off rapidly, which could damage your unit.
3. Adequate insulation -walls, ceilings, and below floors -can save
50% of the cost of cooling in most areas of the country.
4. Caulking: in well insulated homes, air leaks around doors,
windows, lighting and plumbing fixtures can account for as
much as 30% ofthe load on heating and cooling systems. See
that all these areas are well caulked.
5. Install weather stripping (metal is preferable to felt) around
exterior doors and windows.
6. Have a fireplace? Be sure the damper is closed during air
conditioner operation.
7. When it's time to reroof or repaint the outside of your home,
choose light colors. They reflect heat instead of absorbing it.
8. Shade your outside walls (especially on the west) from the direct
sun; most importantly, shade the unit itself Trees and shrubs
provide natural shading, but make sure they don't block the air
flow around the unit. If natural shade isn't present, awnings are
the best solution for shading the unit and the windows. Also,
avoid areas where too much dust or pollen would
into the air conditioner.
9. Inside the house, use blinds, screens, or drapes on windows
the sun. They will reduce your cooling needs.
(Lined or insulated draperies will also help cut heating costs
in winter).
10. Make sure your attic area is property vented. In addition,
consider installing turbine or power ventilators to help remove
hot air from your attic.
11. Keep your Friedrich unit clean. Use a vacuum cleaner
attachment for accessible parts, but take care not
them. Clean the reusable
at least twice amonth.
12. Set the thermostat at ahigher temperature -save 5% in energy
usage for each degree of temperature over 72°F.
These are the most important suggestions for saving money on
cooling costs. Some, however, may not be applicable to your house
or area. Check with your local utility company for more specialized

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Table of Contents

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